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Lady Savay

Last Updated:  11/29/2006

Beneath The Brambles   [Incomplete]

A brilliant, jet set, celebrity author is banished to a small town by her publisher. There she finds a beautiful Sheriff, an unknown enemy, an eclectic, if not kooky, group of people and a plot to damage or destroy all she has found worth saving in this"really small town". She'll need to look closely, because not everything is what it seems on the surface. She learns, sometimes, even if it's painful, you need to dig deep to find the answers, beneath the brambles.

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Ensorcelled   [Academy Halloween 2001]   ebook version available

A party goes horribly wrong and results in a exorcism of a spirit to retrieve past memories.

Sin Of Omission

Sometimes it's easier to deal with things left unsaid, but the truth does come out when you least expect it. Snowed in together leaves the warrior and the bard with no where to run from it, or themselves.