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Last Updated:  11/1/2014

Into the Heart   [Academy Halloween 2014]

Into the Water   [Academy Halloween 2012]

Looking for Advice   [Academy Valentines 2012]

Magi Consulting: Cioccolata Interruptus   [Academy Bard Solstice Challenge 26]

Magi Consulting: Inveniens Domum   [Incomplete]

Amy Quinn had a nice life. A job she liked with family and friends that she loved. So what if her best friend was imaginary. And a turtle. So what if she had headaches that could fell an elephant or three. So what if she continued to see a purple dragon walking the streets? She wasn't crazy. She wasn't... right?

Ripped from the safety she knows and thrown into a world filled with magic and mystery, she's forced to learn or die. As she adjust to every new thing that comes up, will she let fear rule her? Or will she embrace her heritage and find the one thing she has sought all her life?

Part 1