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Last Updated:  6/3/2003

Battling Herodotus   ebook version available

After a visit to Potadeia goes wrong Xena and Gabrielle visit the Amazons. When Herodotus decides to pay a visit in attempts to force Gabrielle to return to the village with him and start a normal life with a man she barely even knows things start to get a little hectic. What ensues is a little bit of violence, an Amazon Queen who lays down the law and Xena on her knee in front of a whole lotta women.

Mitycene Expedition   [Incomplete]

It is the second story in a series. Xena and Gabrielle escape the confines of the Amazon village and head off on their
honeymoon. Now combine the newlyweds with a secluded cabin by the sea, no interruptions and the chance to broaden a few horizons and what results is a nice little break from the everyday task of making Greece safe for the masses.

Part 1