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Lois Cloarec Hart

Last Updated:  2/21/2016

Above the Tree Line   [Academy Valentines 2013]

Beyond and Begone    [Academy Halloween 2005]    [removed by request of author]

Chocolate and Chai   [Academy Valetine 2016]

Coming Attractions   [Academy Valentine 2009]

Prequel to Countrymouse

Countrymouse   [Academy Valentine 2007]

Eye of the Beholder    [Academy Valentines 2006]


A whimsical Christmas story about a tiny, enthusiastic Guardian working in a children's hospital, who tries to help a doctor and a nurse along the road to romance, only to find, much to her surprise, that she's on the same path.

The Grand Old Lady   [Academy Valentine 2010]

Horror to Hope   [Academy Halloween 2009]

I Married a Medium   [Academy Halloween 2014]

It All Began With Road Rash   [Academy Valentine 2014]

Kicker'sHeart   [Academy Valentines' 2003]   ebook version available

Kicker is given the chance to overcome her family's poverty and becomes a stable hand at a young ladies Academy. She is sent to fetch the new teacher, Madelyn who is taken with Kicker's honesty and innocence. When the young master shows interest in the teacher, Kicker's heart begins to awaken to feelings she thought she would never have.

Love Is   [Academy Valentines 2011]

Midnight Messages    [Academy Halloween 2010]

Murder Most Foul - with C. Paradee   ebook
 version available

This story opens in the summer of 1961, a time of intolerance and danger for women who dared to fall in love with other women. The events of that fateful summer dramatically alter the lives of two such lovers, Delia and Patricia, and will change the lives of two other women, Jaye and Lindsay, forty years later. Both mystery and romance, the story tells of the undying devotion between one pair of lovers, and the nascent love between much younger women brought together by a gruesome murder that is only the end result of a long-ago tragedy.

Nine Minutes   ebook version available

Flying from Halifax to Toronto to visit her daughter and grandchildren for Christmas, Joan regrets leaving her long-time partner behind. However, her daughter has made it clear that she won't accept her mother's partner, and once every two years Joan takes the path of least resistance, leaving Corrie behind in Nova Scotia as she visits Toronto. But this flight will bring a dramatic change to all their lives, as a crisis drives home the fragility of life, the need to cherish those we love, and the true meaning of 'family.'

No One   [Academy Halloween 2007]

Phleam   [Academy Halloween 2012]

Postscript   [Academy Halloween 2004]

Rude   [Academy Halloween 2002]   ebook  version available

An tale that explores the supposition about what if your wishes came true and the impact they'd have on you.

Spectre-In-Law   [Academy Halloween 2008]

Spider Lines   [Academy Valentine 2008]

Thursday's Child   [Academy Valentines 2004]   ebook version available

Dawn is on the rebound from the failure of a 13 yr. relationship. In a desperate attempt to start again, she places a call to the Heartbeat hotline.

T*N*T   [Academy Valentine 2005]

Unstilled Voices   [Academy Valentines 2012]

Walking After Midnight   [Academy Halloween 2003]

A young woman distressed after meeting an old childhood flame walks into a graveyard where she has a conversation about love with a woman.

Yak   [Academy Halloween 2006]    [removed by request of author]