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Lori  Meyers

Last Updated:  10/28/2007

An Adante For Two

Xena is pondering her decision to admit her feelings for Gabrielle after the events in FIN.

Death of a Conqueror

I've always wondered what would motivate a person to wreck havoc on the land they were born and raised in. Or more precisely, what would have motivated a young Xena to be a conqueror. For riches? For land? For the right to rule people by fear? Would such a truly malevolent person who rules by fear alone last long in the job? I kept coming up with only one answer: no. I mean, don't people tend to dispose of despots early in their reigns? (Though there are always exceptions.) Caesars and Hitlers don't last long, and the malicious bitch that is usually Xena the Conqueror wouldn't make it past her second year, more or less. This is a different kind of Conqueror story. I asked myself the question: what if Xena became a conqueror for all the right reasons? Or so she thinks. I present to you Xena Akolastos, the Conqueror that lives in the real ancient world that was Greece.

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Xena and Gabrielle meet in an altogether different way than they did in the series. But their destinies will always be the same.

“Serendipity” or “How Xena got Gabrielle to Shut Up” or “A Xenaverse Fairytale”

A little story on how Xena finally got Gabrielle to shut up.


Gabrielle of Poteidaia is engaged to her cousin Lyceus and awaits the arrival of the wedding party that will escort her to her wedding in Amphipolis--but destiny will not be denied.

A Vineyard By the Sea