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Mary G

Last Updated:  3/16/2007

Spanish Eyes

Taking place in the 1700's a young woman desperately searches for an escape from the life her father has carefully planned for her. During a voyage to France with her family to visit her betrothed she is thrust into and adventure that leads to her freedom. She learns all too quickly that things are not always what they appear to be and that heroes and love can be found be in the most unlikely places.

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Xena And Gabrielle Series

Arrival Of The Future   ebook version available

What happens when a modern woman is sent to the ancient world and meets up with the Warrior Princess and her Battling Bard?

A Lesson In War

Xena and Gabrielle have been called to the Amazons to help defeat a warlord bent on the destruction of the Amazon Nation. Their futuristic companion is about to learn first hand that not all of their adventures made their way to the small screen. Takes place immediately after Arrival Of The Future.

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No Turning Back   ebook version available

Part three of the series. An invitation to an Amazon bonding ceremony brings a welcome change of pace. But then again when do things with the Amazoms ever go exactly as planned?

Destiny Fulfilled  [Incomplete]

The fourth story in the series, as the time for Xena and Gabrielle's joining draws near they are called away to Britannia for one of the most trying times of their lives. Will Mary be able to keep her silence about the coming events or will her love for her friends cause her to break her oath?

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