Academy Author Index

Meghan O'Brien

Last Updated:  11/29/2006

Bella Luna   [Academy Halloween 2006]

Dark Springs   [Academy Halloween 2003]

A young woman driving home after graduating college, encounters a motorcycle rider and together they spend a fearful nite in a strange town.

Endgame   ebook version available

Delaney, a self-confessed cad and committment-phobe, meets a woman she shouldn't play. However, it's also the one woman she can't resist.

The Gift   ebook version available

An erotic fairy tale, of sorts, about a warrior who is given a night with a body slave as a reward from the King she serves.

Infinite Loop   [removed by author's request due to publication]

Relucantly dragged to a straight bar by two co-workers, shy software developer Regan O'Riley never expected to meet the perfect woman. Mel Raines never expected to *be* anyone's perfect woman, at least for more than a night, but when the stoic cop becomes involved with Regan she finds that she's considering something more meaningful than casual sex for the first time in her adult life. When tragedy strikes Mel's life, the two women are propelled along in their tentative friendship and growing love by way of an impromptu road trip to the American Southwest. Along the way they encounter a series of adventures, confront their pasts, and forge a new future... together.

Near Miss

Two strangers meet and connect when they both narrowly avoid injury during a traffic accident.

Peter's Choice

A woman spends the weekend at the beach house of her brother's best friend. Lying in bed one evening, she ponders some interesting goodnight words.

Ritual   ebook version available

Just a short story about a little family discord, inspired by those people in our lives who seem to have us playing out the same scenes over and over again.

Truth Or Dare   ebook version available

Jena is reunited with her college friend and long-term object of devotion, Ryan, at a weekend reunion hosted by mutual friends. She finds it more difficult than she imagined to remain platonic, especially in light of a revealing game of Truth or Dare.