Academy Author Index

Mikaeli Hooper

Last Updated:  10/1/2013

I Surrender  removed for publishing

The story of a slave who is addicted to her master. A Conqueror story.

I Will Be  removed for publishing

Gabrielle is hurt over the relationship between Xena and Marc Antony, and can't stand to be around her lover any longer. Will she leave Xena forever, or will Xena find a way to win her back?

Turning Tables  removed for publishing

This is the sequel to my story I Will Be. It's been two years since Xena has seen or heard from Gabrielle. Until one day she recieve's a letter from the Amazon Queen inviting her to the village for a festival. Will they be able to mend their broken relationship or has it been too long.

It Should Be Me  removed for publishing

This is the last installment of the series, sequel to I Will Be and Turning Tables. Xena has left Gabrielle once more and returned to Amphipolis where she receives a letter with heartbreaking news. Will she finally be able to fix things with Gabrielle or is she much too late?

In Need of a Friend  removed for publishing

The first chapter starts off almost a year after Xena's death in Japa, with Gabrielle currently residing with the Amazons.

Mission Complete  removed for publishing

Four years after Gabrielle married Perdicus, a heartbroken Xena returns to Greece for her bestfriend's birthday with a little push from her new travelling companion.

Something Missing  removed for publishing

Everybody makes their own destiny but sometimes certain moments in your life are just meant to happen and there are certain people you are meant to meet. What would have happened to Xena if she had turned away Gabrielle when she tried to follow her from Potidaea? Will she meet her soulmate again or have the fates weaved Gabrielle's thread with another instead..

To Tame a Wild Heart  removed for publishing

The Conqueror leaves Greece to visit Cleopatra and meets a slave/gladiator named Gabrielle but all is not what it seems.

To Mend a Wild Heart  removed for publishing

The Conqueror is fighting inner demons after Cleopatra's slave's betrayal. But with security problems, a royal wedding, plans to conquer Rome and a palace full of famous people, the Conqueror finds herself losing the battle with the beast inside of her. Until someone shows up at her palace for the Spring festival.