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Mindwalker 78

Last Updated:  11/13/2005

Chilled Out   ebook version available

A lonely cottage, two people, the perfect place to do just that - chill out.

School's Out   ebook version available

Andy Parker didn't know why she'd never had contact with Chris Chambers before. Maybe it was because Andy came from the other side of the tracks. But, one day, an after school incident brings their lives together, and they discover a friendship that neither had ever believed possible. They feel as though each can fill the aching emptiness in the other's heart. But, just as they begin to listen to their hearts, something devastating happens to Chris. Will Andy ever be able to convince her that she had nothing to do with it? Can Chris ever feel the same about Andy again?

Unbound   ebook version available

What could possibly make Xena so afraid that she would leave her beloved Gabrielle? And what did the elegant looking gentleman with the strangely elongated teeth have to do with it?