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Last Updated:  3/2/2009

Any Day

A Halloween story that explores the darker side of love and the supernatural.

A Day in Our Lives

Foot Fetish   ebook version available

A woman indulges in a little fantasy while shopping.

Grind   ebook version available

A day in the life of an exotic dancer, Willow takes an interesting turn when she meets a woman, Randi, she can't handle.

Scandalous   ebook version available

Follow up to Grind. Randi goes after what she wants and needs. She returns to The Grind.

Heaven Can Wait   ebook version available

See both sides of infidelity, finding forgiveness, and self in this two story arc.

Linger   ebook version available

Two women down on their luck and the world in general find hope in each other.

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White Nights   [Incomplete]

White Nights is the story of two women finding each other and themselves on the back drop of Minnesota blizzards with danger and jealousy not far behind threatening to tear them apart. Meet Michelle St. Jean, on the run from her old life and searching for a new one. Learn about Dr. Bobbi Waszinski, a woman who has been apart of enough tragedy that it has changed her, seemingly irrevocably, making her devoted to her patients - giving them so much that there is nothing left for herself or others. Minnesota is a small world for them, and Ivanhoe is even smaller, where they literally run into each other. Join them and a cast of eclectic characters on a journey you won't forget.

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An unconventional story about how the bard and warrior's love affected those around them, and those closest to them.

Holiday Series   ebook version available


A romantic story that takes place during Christmas and New Years. It's A Christmas Carol rewritten with an unforgettable twist.


A Valentines story of two women finding their way back to each other. Guaranteed to open your eyes and warm your heart.


A Halloween story with a romantic twist.


A romantic story set during the Thanksgiving season where two women learn that they have each other and many things to give thanks for.

The Perspectives Series   ebook version available

Cory, a young social worker, clashes vehemently with her new boss, Taylor, on changes in programming that effect the Gary community. Through an elaborate deal, they learn to see through the other's eyes, which eventually leads to respect, friendship, and more.

It's All In Your Point Of View

Cory meets her new administrator for the first time. Taylor comes in and shakes the boat then tips it over, changing a lot of things at the agency. They battle through a war of words and seal a deal that will constantly bring them into each other's path.

It's In The Eyes Of The Beholder

Taylor follows Cory into her first field experience. They clash and experience an out of the ordinary situation while attending to a client in an impoverished neighborhood.

The Eyes Have It

After all that has happened in the office and in the field, things come to a head at the local gym, where Cory and Taylor run into each other, almost literally.

Eyes Wide Shut

After the events of the weekend, Cory and Taylor are still tentative around each other. They deal with their own doubts and fears concerning a forming friendship, and they end up dealing with a tragedy that throws them closer.

See No Evil

This installment (the 5th) takes place about almost 2 weeks after Eyes Wide Shut. Things forever change between Taylor and Cory as they venture closer to each other.

Seeing Is Believing

This installment takes place right after SNE. Someone comes out of the closet or rather is pushed, and the consequences of it unfurl.


Takes place about 2 weeks after SIB. Even though they have become close friends, Taylor and Cory still clash in more ways in one. The office is treated to a unforgettable visitor and an unbelievable tragedy.

Looking Within

Taylor and Cory deal with the ramifications of the office fiasco, new friends, and each other on a whole new level.