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Moondancer Drake

Last Updated:  7/9/2008

Make War not Love

Wild Things

Vicious bounty hunters and a jealous husband threaten to destroy the only real love two women have ever known. It is 1842…Cian McGregor travels from Scotland to the new world, desperate to escape the fate that awaits her if she’s caught by Marshall Kieve and his fellow bounty hunters. Cian’s journey carries her all the way into the wilds of Louisiana where she stumbles upon the last thing she expected, love. After years in an arranged and loveless marriage, Gwen is now pregnant and more unhappy than ever. She dreams of finding a secret lover among the nature spirits her Coushatta Indian mother often told her about, and escaping her provincial life. Shamed by these fantasies, Gwen keeps them locked away, secret from everyone, even her beloved sister Kitt until one day the mournful cry of a wounded Scottish wildcat pulls at Gwen's sympathies. When Cian reveals herself to be a handsome shape shifter, Gwen’s fantasy becomes real and brings consequences which threaten to alter everything both women have ever known.