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Mr Valentine

Last Updated:  9/26/2005

A Fairy Story   ebook version available

A dream about what is good and what is beautiful and what is valuable, as the dreamer is taken through Fairyland to enjoy its hospitality and learn about its games.

A Typical Fight Scene

How The Evil... Cult Stole Christmas   [Holiday Havoc Challenge]

Mrs. Chalk visits with her helpful friend’s Aunt Giselle who is accosted by cultists bent on wrecking havoc during the holiday.

If The Tights Fit   ebook version available

The superheroes of Hellenic City find themselves face to face with a new villain. Who is the mysterious Conqueror? What are her evil plans? Why do sidekicks have such godawful names? Why do fools fall in love? None of these questions will be answered in this exciting adventure!