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Last Updated:  9/27/2005

Past And Present

Kelly is a hard-working reporter sent out to report a murder-story, but she soon finds out that the murderer isn't nearly as interesting as the cop she meets and immediately has a fight with. Sydney is a cop doing a job she isn't sure she can do anymore, but she soon finds out that that seems to be the least of her worries when dealing with the complications a reporter can bring into her life.

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Second Half   [Incomplete]

Set at college, Kyra is a girl who's starting to get her life back after a dark period. Even though she had told herself she'd never play soccer again, meeting Danni, the captain of the school's team, changes that and it isn't long before she realizes the blonde quickly works her way into her heart. Trying to win the title with the team and wrestling with her growing feelings is big struggle, complicated by past actions and a fear to let someone in once again.

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