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Last Updated:  8/24/2008

Culture Clash   [Removed at author's request]

This is a Fantasy/Soft SciFi tale set on a planet populated by women.

The Decision Coin

Until recently, therapy had been Odessa Martin's life and livelihood. Where could she turn when old practices don't work anymore? Sometimes answers appear in the most unlikely places.

Doggie Door Redux   [Academy Christmas 2003]

Doggie Door Follies   ebook version available

Here's a story that will help Doggie Door Redux make more sense.


It's trial day and everything is on the line in the ancient battle between DuMarquette and Kenner. Will Shayna's love carry her through to victory, or will she be destroyed by the demands of her quest?

Luck Be A Lady   ebook version available

The Wager   ebook version available