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Last Updated: 7/28/2013

Faekin (Never Forget Me)   [Incomplete]

Random, average, and just a touch of strange, Kit Larsen reminisces on her life while working in the local pub. So many loves won and lost, so many photos, so many memories. All of them fade quickly into obscurity when her eyes land on two very interesting people. Will her curiosity be her downfall?

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This is a Halloween short I wrote yesterday in one sitting. It is pretty tame, no explicit material, but I think it has it's merits.

The Princess and the Roady

Jesse Kramer, daughter of a wealthy lawyer is the princess of her small town. The theory that opposites attract is clearly expressed when she runs into Corrine Nichols. Corrine spent most of her life with her heavy drinking, bull riding, rodeo clown father. Corrine never had much, never expected much, until she meets the curvy, golden skinned Jesse Kramer. It started out as a sweet summer romance, but ended up on a sour note when Corrine ran away. Ten years later Corrine has come back, unable to forget how good it felt in Jesse's arms. Problem is, it's going to take allot of convincing on her part to get the ice princess to melt. Well, Cork always did like a challenge.

The Frog Becomes a Prince?

The sequel to The Princess and the Roady. Everything is going very good. Cork and Jesse haven't been happier. However, the usually go get em Corrine is having a bit of a problem... How do you propose to the woman of your dreams when the fates seem to want to put a wrench in your engine?

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The Runaway Princess   [Incomplete]

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