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Pam Wilson

Last Updated:  10/28/2005

A Simple Matter Of Trust   ebook version available

Takes place late in the 3rd season, early 4th, after Bitter Suite. A cave-in and the potential loss of Gabrielle's soul lead Xena to make a life or death choice to save her partner. It finds Xena and Gabrielle dealing with past demons as well as a few new ones. There are new characters, action, humor, drama, some angst, a few tears, new twists and a few surprises along the way. There is light subtext, no graphic sex.

The Lesser Evil   ebook version available

The Lesser Evil continues the journey from A Simple Matter Of Trust and takes place right before Endgame. You will find new characters as well as old. There are new battles to be fought, new demons to defeat, more questions answered and healing to be done, all under the shadow of Xena's disturbing visions of The Ides of March. There is light subtext, no graphic sex.