Academy Author Index

Patricia Givens
(aka Patricia L Ennis)

Last Updated:  3/1/2008

Forced Vacation

Argo throws a shoe and the girls are left with nothing to do for a while.

Heart of a Warlord

A warrior from Xena's past has reappeared, causing havoc across the land as she attempts to make a name for herself by stealing more that the Warrior Princess' reputation... She wants Gabrielle too.

The Labrys

What would happen if Gabrielle wandered into a lesbian bar... A certain Amazon warrior used in Heart Of A Warlord was introduced in this story

The Kiss

Xena finds much more than she bargained for on her late night search for a snack.

Life from Death

First Xena story I ever wrote. Picks up at the end of Is There A Doctor In The House.