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Red Raven

Last Updated:  9/28/2005

Eternal Night

As immortals, torn apart by jealousy and hatred a few hundred years ago, Xena and Gabrielle are about to see in the new millennium. Will they destroy each other, or rediscover what they lost? How will they face the hunters, looking to rid the world of them, especially with the discovery of a new and lethal weapon? Will they be aided by their human allies, the mystical Talisman Circle?

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It Never Rains, But It Pours!

Xena and Gabrielle (finally) accept the depths and ramifications of their love and commitment. With Gabrielle about to fully undertake her reign as Amazon Queen, what does this mean for the tribe, who last saw Xena when she abducted Gabrielle and horse-dragged her from the village? Similarly, Ares sees this predicament, along with the theft of an enchanted chalice, as the opportunity to challenge Artemis for Xena's allegiance. Can Xena retrieve the chalice from the keeping of a vicious warlord, win over the hearts of the Thessalian Amazons and defeat Ares once and for all?

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Future Imperfect?

A light-hearted bit of fun. Xena and Gabrielle visit a fortune teller who gets it all a bit wrong!