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Robin Alexander

Last Updated: September 27, 2009

2009 Hall of Fame Author

Aunt Charlotte

Ever doubt your own sanity? Tracy Hoyt never did, until she visited the quaint town of Altoona. A strange conversation leads Tracy to the love of her life, and to other things that are not so sweet.

Death Of A Hunter

PWPish. Brette lives for one night stands, until she meets a woman who makes her want to change her ways. The second half of the story is just my sick sense of humor running rampant


This short story is the mental ramblings of a woman who is returning to her unfaithful lover.

Forever and Always

While renovating an old home two women come upon a mysterious find, a simple wooden box. The secrets hidden within are timeless and prove that love is everlasting.

Gloria's Inn   ebook version available

Hayden Tate thought it was a dream come true when she inherited her aunt Gloria's half of an Inn located on Cat Island in the Bahama's. Upon her arrival at the island she found things not as she had expected. The one bright spot aside from the beauty of the island was her aunt's former partner. Lurking behind the natural beauty of the island was a dark secret that would change Hayden's life forever.

Jump   [Academy Valentine 2008]

A Life Worth Living

Ever wish you could go back in time and do things all over again? Skye got that opportunity and discovered that even the smallest changes can make a world of difference. This story is rated R, for mature audiences only, due to a bad case potty mouth.

Match Made In Heaven   ebook version available

Two women meet under humorous and trying circumstances.

Camping With The Klutz's

This is a continuation in the bumbling romantic story of Donna and Christy. The second in a short series that started with Match Made in Heaven.

Mistake Number...   ebook version available

Very short PWP.

Murky Waters   ebook version available

Claire Murray just relocated to Baton Rouge, La. After receiving one of the most coveted positions within her company. She would finally be able to begin her life anew leaving all the problems of the past in her hometown of Houston, Texas. Everything seemed perfect until one of her problems re-surfaced. Distance had not hindered her stalker.

One Night   [Academy Halloween 2008]

Running Away   ebook version available

This short story is about one woman's desire to step off into the unknown and live the life she only dares to dream of.

Tales Of Grass and Woe   [Incomplete]

This is a new series of short stories that allow me to pick on my favorite authors and friends. The story centers around two rival lawn care companies. The customers are a colorful group that I'm sure most of you will recognize.

Part 1  Part 2