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Robin Hicks

Last Updated:  12/15/2009

Dakota's Way

Koty Silvers, a detective from Virginia Beach is just getting over her break-up with Tina. Not wanting to get involved in another relationship at all, she was so not ready for Doctor Kasey Brooks to enter her life via her sister-in-law Chris.

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Laney's Beginning

Picks up where we left the gang in 'Dakota's Way.' Detective Laney Jacobs is finding it very hard to understand why she seems to be having these disturbing feelings for a young woman who was a victim in a robbery. She knows for a fact that she is not gay. Right? Follow Laney and Koty with some old friends and meet some new ones.

If You Could See Me Now   [revised]

It's been ten years since Micah James has seen the only woman she had ever truly loved. After her hasty disappearance years ago, she has come back to town to be with her Mother and had never thought she would run across Quinn Thomas again. What will happen when the two women meet face to face for the first time in 10 years?