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Rohan The Thunder Chick

Last Updated:  9/28/2005

One Fine Day

A take-off of the sixth season Xena episode, 'You Are There'. Join Kendall Day as she finds out that everything is not as it seems on TV while interviewing Xena and Gabrielle.

There Is Always Hope

Quantum Leap/Xena crossover..a QLeaper accidentally ends up in ancient Greece with out her holographic sidekick and must figure out what is going on... She has entered into the body of the reborn Hope and tries to stop the cult of Dahok with help from Serapem, Hope herself and works to undermine an evil high priest and Ares. After successfully destroying the cult, the holographic companion appears telling Chase (the main character) that she is the descendent of Xena and Gabrielle and since out of her time loop, will not be able to return home but spend her days leaping from ancestor to ancestor helping out during situations...