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Sam Ruskin

Last Updated:  9/28/2005

Potions   ebook version available

Just a bit of madness inspired by a favorite "oldie but goodie".

Pure Bliss?

Xena finally has Gabrielle alone, in a cave, in a snowstorm. What could be better? Right? Not necessarily. [This was originally written as part of a Bard's Challenge at the Bards' Village].

Seeking Xena

Like many, I was less than thrilled with certain things in the series Finale. I felt strongly that the two episodes demanded a third to complete the arc. Yeah, I have lots more to say about those eps but I will not take up list space or time expressing that here or now. I look forward to reading many other wonderful stories by bards whose Muses, not unlike mine, are talking long into the night. This is just something I had to write. I hope you like it.

Stargazing Soulmates   ebook version available

One of those wonderful campfire scenes. You know the ones. The quiet, chatting, stargazing ones.

A Warrior For Our Time   ebook version available

A very short, very timely story.

Up The River   ebook version available

Five years ago Mickey Lawton murdered Anna Stoner in cold blood. He got away with it until now. Leaving an eyewitness to two of his most recent murders was not smart. It might, however, have been lucky — for the witness. Alexandra Abigail Stoner, Annaís twin sister, has been assigned to protect this witness for the next three days. Will the witness make it to the Grand Jury Hearing? Can Mickey Lawton resist the temptation to go after yet another Stoner? Who is the sexy blonde in the fedora and why is she smiling?

Welcome To Magnolia Manor - with Katherine E. Standell   ebook version available

Second place winner in Halloween Challenge 2002 Bards Village

Why I Say It So Often   ebook version available

Sometimes people come into our lives and change it forever. This is to and about such a person.

Mysti Series

Mysti : Mistress Of Dreams

Gillian dreads the nightly visits of the dream mistress. She has been haunted with the same dream for so long she often tries to avoid dosing at all. When a friend asks her to accompany her to a womanís group, Gillian looks into the eyes she has only dreamed about and finds Max. Life will never be the same for either woman, thanks be to Mysti. It is a love story that will leave you feeling as if you have known Max and Gillian forever. Who can say for certain? Perhaps you have.

Gillian And The Bigot

Secrets, Surprises And Sofas

Happy Anniversary

Valentine's Day

What Max Was Up To

Xena And Gabrielle Series

In Her Dreams

This story takes place shortly after the episode Amphipolis Under Siege. Naturally, it is my own idea of what "could" happen and not part of the actual storyline from the series.

Telling Secrets

This is the sequel to In Her Dreams. It would definitely help to read that first.

After The Glitter

Well, I have been told this 'could' stand alone. However, it IS the third in a story that began with In Her Dreams. That was followed by Telling Secrets. It might help to read those first. Up to you. I will tell you that In Her Dreams was my very first Fan Fiction and was not posted for a long time because I thought no one would like it. You can judge for yourself if I was correct.

Together At Last

This is the sequel to After The Glitter, which is a sequel to In Her Dreams and Telling Secrets. It can be read alone but would probably be better if you read the others first.