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Samantha Paedae

Last Updated:  10/1/2013

Gemini Inn

What happened to the clones after Send in the Clones? Did they get jobs? Did they cause trouble? Find out in this cute short story about Xena and Gabrielle trying to assimilate into modern life, but finding out that adventure hasn't changed.

A Simple Gift

This short tale tells the story of a young Gabrielle trying to find the perfect gift for her favorite warrior.

A Simple Night

This short tale follows "A Simple Gift" and tells the story of Xena taking Gabrielle out for a night on the town. This story won the "Many Skills Contest" fanfiction category on the Xena Movie Campaign facebook page.

The Way Back   [Incomplete]

Upon her return from Japan, Gabrielle receives a message from an unlikely carrier, and the two embark on an epic quest to revive Xena. Quickly, they become embroiled in a massive conflict that threatens not only the fate of Greece, but that of their souls.

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