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Sandra Barret

Last Updated:  6/14/2010

The Academy's Finest   ebook version available

Dray, a top cadet at the Terran Pilot's Academy, has finally managed to capture the attention of Jordan, the only other cadet who can match Dray's pilot skills. But Dray has little time to explore her growing attraction to Jordan before their academic world is thrust into the middle of the smoldering Vtaryn war. The two young women must give the best of themselves to the Academy and to each other to protect what is most dear to them.

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Damek Keep

Taryn, magical Healer-Adept at Damek Keep, fights against mutated creatures that are attacking the local villagers. After the arrival of a half-breed slave woman, Taryn has to balance her attraction to the stranger with her distrust of the woman's immense telepathic powers, powers capable of creating the creatures Taryn has been hunting. When a traitor betrays Taryn's family to an outside invader, the two women must learn to trust each other to escape the fall of Damek Keep.

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Motel Daze

An overnight stay at the wrong motel ends up the right place to be.

RidingThe Storm   ebook version available

An erotic supernatural PWP. A succubus, a storm-demon, and a hellovah hurricane.

Second Chances

Kenya's future as a private security guard seems dismal when she's given the worst assignment - acting as babysitter to Roslyn Hullet, a woman with more money than sense in Kenya's mind. But when Roslyn's stalker turns out to be real, can Kenya maintain her professional distance and protect Roslyn?.


A snapshot in time, when that first hint of attraction hits you for a beautiful woman.

The Traaken   ebook version available

Jolyne has lost part of herself in the latest war with the Dex, literally. She must adapt to her new status as a cyber-human, half her body made of electromechanical prosthetics. When a blue-skinned Traakyn female shows her some attention, can Jolyne accept the very human sensations that her cyber-body is feeling?