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SB Zarben

Last Updated:  9/28/2005

Amicus Humani Generis   [removed by author's request - published as a book]   ebook version available

A routine vacation tour on the USC Avenger leads to the detection of an unidentifiable ship floating in space. Contact is made and the Avenger crew decides to attempt a rescue, despite being warned off countless times. For these unknown people have been attacked by a savage race of beings. And now the Avenger will find itself a victim as well. Will they too meet a fate worse than death, or will the mysterious crew members they saved be able to work miracles and change the fate of the Avenger?

In Transit   ebook version available

A short little interlude with Janus and Barker, serving as a bridge between Amicus Humani Generis and the soon to be written sequel.

Burden Of Existence   ebook version available

I can't really say what this is about, its not even really fanfiction of any kind so I'm not even sure why I'm posting it. It's what came out when I sat down in an attempt to write something and get the creative juices flowing. I guess it's a reflection on people, life, and whatnot. Just read it. It isn't even two pages long. Won't take but a minute. I swear.

A Delicate Insanity

This is a little piece that occurred to me last night when I couldn't sleep. It's the result of a recent conversation I had with my sister and some disturbing forum posts I read online somewhere. It's in a similar vein as Burden of Existence and Tunnel Vision, though not entirely.

Revolutionary   ebook version available

Have you ever started messing around with history and coming up with your own version of things? That's what this story is about. Set in Russia in 1920 it's about two women who meet and happen to change the world while they get to know one another.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 

A Soldier's Peace   ebook version available

Picture this: What if there was a researcher/reporter whose current job was the only way she could make ends meet after her own plans for the future went spiraling out of control. And what if she was handed one of, if not the largest story of the year? Dealing with a failed Naval mission that resulted in the deaths of many, many people. What if her main source of information was the leader of the Navy unit involved, who also happened to be blamed by almost every paper and form of media in the United States? What if this story slowly started becoming important to her, or more importantly, what if she found yourself becoming friends with the Navy Captain? What if someone else didn't want her to crack this story? What would they do? What would she do? What would you do? This is Captain Dean Ransom's and reporter Ranelle Maloch's story.

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Whole Burnt

Three people come together under less than normal circumstances. Follow them as they work to uncover a mystery which has the potential to destroy their very world.

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