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Sinful (aka Cindy Hart)

Last Updated:  10/9/2005

I've Seen The Devil's Eyes

The story finds X&G in a eerie town of Brimstone, where a murder and a mysterious forest go hand in hand, unfortunately an evil is lurching just under the surface.

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Remember, Never To Forget   ebook version available

Remember, Never to Forget - takes place in the earlier days of X & G relationship, back when their emotions and loves were still new and uncharted. While on their way to the Amazons ( Ephiny, Eponin and company) to try to explain the whole, Gabrielle didn't die she just fell in a nitch thing, (Don't get me started on this faux pas - but for my own personal explanation, look to my story Reunion which takes place immediately following Adventure in the Sin Trade.) Well on their way to the Amazons, one thing leads to another and that leads to... well you know. Anyways,our two heroes separate and are to meet up at the Amazons, but Xena doesn't show up. Matter of fact, she down right disappears and no one not even the Gods can find her. Leaving a distraught Gabrielle to wonder, "where can you go, that even the Gods can't find you?" The answer is an emotional tale of torment and regret, as the young bard from Poteidaia tries to deal with reliving her past once more with a stranger.

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