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Tempting Trouble   [Incomplete]

Reeling from the incarceration of her mother and accustomed to a life on the streets, Raven Vlade is immediately ostracized from the clique of teenagers inhabiting downtown Thursville. Living with her lascivious Uncle is traumatic enough, but when coupled with her new school's evidently elitist system, the stunning vagrant finds herself in need of a dangerous diversion. Nicky Mayfair, an effervescent and popular cheerleader, is awed by the arrival of the enigmatic stranger, yet Raven's lowly status as 'trailer trash' bridges a gap between the would-be lovers. The class divide needs to be conquered, but does Nicky have the courage to succumb to temptation and defy the stifling conventions of her town? Or are the disturbing repercussions enough to deter her?

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