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Last Updated:  10/9/2005


On March 16th, Eli and Amarice return to the Roman prison to morn the loss of Xena and Gabrielle. However, the god of war does not accept Xena's death so easily as the origins of The Chakram are revealed in this alternate season 5 premiere!

Eternal Destiny

In an alternate season 5 premiere which takes place directly after the XWP season 4 episode 'The Ides of March', Eli and Amarice return to the Roman prison compound to mourn the death of their friends, however Ares doesn't accept Xena's death so easily. As concerns over the broken Chakram increase among the gods, it's true origins and purpose are revealed and a finale showdown with Callisto leads to the eternal demise of one of the lead characters. Based on my previous story Reciprocation.

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