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Last Updated:  8/30/2016

The Legacy of Callisto: Retribution's Child

In the aftermath of Hope's attempted freeing of Dahak and her demise at the hands of Xena, Callisto finds herself resurrected by a pact with Zeus and Hades. Cast back into the world of the living as an unconventional champion of the gods against an unseen and unknown threat, and haunted by demons of her own boundless anger, her journey toward redemption is only just beginning.

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The Legacy of Callisto: Palaces of the Mind

In the aftermath of the massacre in Sparta and the battle at Thermopylae, Callisto lies comatose and trapped within a terrible mental labyrinth of her own making. As she confronts hates and fears dredged up from the deepest reaches of her subconscious, Ithius struggles to lead what remains of the Helot people to safety before the Spartans can exterminate them all. And, deep in Tartarus, the dead Titan Cronus begins to put his final endgame into action.