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Last Updated:  10/9/2005

A New Year, A New Life

An unexpected guest may change Alison's life forever. The complications of an ex-lover, a new one and adopting a child prove to be thrilling but not too much. Tag along on the story of two almost strangers who are put together, by the power of fate, in hot Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, around New Year's Eve. After all, the hope of a New Year and a New Life is always fueled by true love.

Starting Again   ebook version available

After saying their goodbyes in Rio de Janeiro, what ever happened to Alison and Jordan? Tag along to find out how the lives of these two strong women were changed by time and what all it took for them to start again. (Sequel to A New Year, A New Life)

Season Twist   [Holiday Havoc Challenge]

A mother is still mourning the passing of her dead lover. Her mother-in-law encourages her to host a party for her daughter and in so doing meets the mother of one of her friends.

Second Chance   ebook version available

When two high school friends are reunited at a plot filled with fame, love and intrigue anything can happen. Kristen and Melanie have worked hard to finally have love and fame, but fate had other ideas for them. Will their love resist? Will the truth be a too expensive price to pay?