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T.C. O'Neill

Last Updated:  9/27/2005

Transformation   ebook version available

Transformation takes place about a year before Xena and Gabrielle are thought dead and placed on ice by Ares. Caesar has defeated the combined Greek armies and plans to sweep across Greece and make it part of the Roman Empire. Before he can conquer the city-states one by one he must defeat the Amazon Nation. Queen Gabrielle and Xena go to the aid of the Amazons. The Fates have decreed that both Gabrielle and Xena will be killed defending the Amazon territory unless a champion can come to their rescue. Problems is, the Gods do not want any interference from "Known Champions" such as Hercules.

Ares can't stand by and allow Xena to be killed. If he can't bring in a known hero he will mentor one. He solicits Joxer and trainees him in the art of combat. Ares also brings in help from a former Roman battle tactician now a drunkard and a brave Greek cavalryman. Together they must unite the Greek armies and come to the aid of the Amazons and drive the Romans out of Greece. Joxer also meets and recruits a young woman that is a balladeer by profession and an outstanding archer. She has a romantic interest in Joxer. But Joxer's heart belongs to Gabrielle, right? The story is told in the third person by the bard Virgil, that's right, Joxer's son.

Gabrielle, Bard In Bondage   ebook version available

Looking for a X/G Alternative Fan Fiction story with no plot but involves a mixture of love and tenderness with spanking and bondage? Well, here it is. The end of the story answers a question we have all wondered about or, my theory anyway.

The Saddle   ebook version available

Here's another Plot, What Plot? story that picks up where Gabrielle, Bard In Bondage left off. There are no other characters in the story except Argo. Xena and Gabrielle don't need anyone else... but you already knew that, didn't you?