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The Fallen

Last Updated:  8/6/2009

Last Night I Dreamt I Slept A Dreamless Sleep   ebook version available

Mel makes arrangements for Janice's funeral and pays a visit to her lodgings. A follow-on story from 'And A Nightingale...' and 'Who Was Going To Miss An Angel Or Two, Anyway?'

The Out

In a small snowbound town in North Dakota, Cassie Wayward goes to work at the local bank just like she does every other day. But she'll soon find out that today is no ordinary workday. Zoe Mercouri, a notorious professional criminal, is intent on robbing the bank with the aid of her small gang. And Cassie soon realises that the robbery is the least of her troubles. Why has Zoe contacted the FBI to tell them she's robbing the bank? What is it that Zoe is after? And what does any of this have to do with Ancient Greece?

The End

A stolen ancient artefact and a riddle that begs to be solved. Zoe Mercouri came back from the dead in the hopes of finding an answer and answers are all Cassie Wayward has ever wanted. But where will the riddle lead them and what dangers will they face? And most importantly of all, will they face such dangers together? It's one thing to defy death, it's another to defy the end.