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Last Updated:  10/28/2005

Forgotten Heart   ebook version available

Xena is dead...Long live Xena! Has Ares finally won? Find out in this tale of death and rebirth as Gabrielle desperately tries to win back Xena's very soul.

Interruptions   [removed by author's request]

Pure and simple... it's nothing but a short bit of fluff that hit me one day a little while back.

Unsuspecting Target   ebook version available

A vacation in Europe was just what the doctor ordered, or so Haley Connors thought. A novelist of some repute, Haley found herself stuck in a bad case of writer's block and was secretly grateful when her sister Elizabeth 'forced' her to take this vacation. But Haley got more than she bargained for. After becoming a witness to a murder, Haley unknowingly comes into possession of a disk with information on it that many people have died for. Kat McGregor, a secret operative assigned to the case, must now do her best to find the missing disk and to keep Haley alive after several attempts on the novelist's life are made. Together they walk through the shadows of life and death where they also discover a budding friendship amidst the chaos.