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Ursula Kincaid

Last Updated:  3/15/2016

A Heart Darkened by Wine

The war for Troy is nearing its end. Thousands of warriors and innocents alike have died during the last ten years; countless more continue to suffer greatly. Prince Hector has been killed, the Greeks are still stubbornly refusing to lift their siege of the city, and the recently arrived Amazonian war party has this very day been slaughtered by Achilles and his Myrmidons. Only one Amazon made it back to the city walls safely... and now she will be finally pushed to her breaking point by the mad princess of Troy, Cassandra.

Saturday Night in the Year of the Good Thief

After work an ultrasonographer accidentally meets her OB patient's sister in a bar. Are they meant to be with each other or does the past get in the ultrasonographer's way?

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