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Vilia Kinell

Last Updated:1/15/2009

The Backyard  [Academy Xmas Challenge 2008]

If We Had Sex

In a time of modern technology and instant messaging, a woman with no social life calls out for a change. She finds it online. The banter, the excitement, the danger of internet viruses... A pop-up ad will change her life!

A Thousand Words

After the events of "If We Had Sex" and the somewhat embarrassing debacle that caused her to physically abuse her computer in the attempt of shutting it off, Avery tries unsuccessfully to not to think about it. A little time at the office helps but a mere day later she caves and works up the nerve to read what her Dotcomrade, Sage, has actually written. A new phase of their relationship is entered.

Oh, and By the Way

Avery finds herself distracted by a new seller and temporarily forgets her supposed problems. However, Sage is not about to let herself be a thing of the past and so she tries to catch the other woman’s attention by doing something drastic.


In the last installment of the If We Had Sex-series, Sage has taken it upon herself to find her online flirt and tell her a piece of her mind. When she shows up, Avery is so surprised by the visit she shuts her out. Literally, but ineffectively...

Trial by Fire

One day I found myself at the local loony-bin after a suicide attempt. During a fire I stole an identity in order to escape. So far all was just dandy, but I didn't expect to find a love interest in the midst of everything, let alone one that remembered my name – and the stolen name at that… This is the story of how I came to find certain truths about myself – all the while by lying to the one I loved most.