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Last Updated:  10/28/2005

The Perfect Wave - with T. Stratton   [Academy 101 Story Premise]

Leilani is a world champion surfer waiting for the 'perfect wave' who happens to be a beautiful photographer named Parker.

Steel Free Fall   ebook version available

Brieannah never felt true love before, until Tarie. They learn the meaning of letting go to let true love surround them. It is not easy for either of them to overcome the pain they cause each other. Can they survive it? Will fate bring them together or keep them apart?

Free Falling Fate   ebook version available

This sequel to Steel Free Fall is the continuation of what our two beautiful women companions' life and love bestows upon them. Children come into the picture, along with the mix of emotion and business. Will Tarie have her way in this before the story ends? A powerful entanglement too enticing to miss!

Part 1  Part 2