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W. R. Haley

Last Updated:  3/20/2006

Harbor House

This is the story of Autumn, a lawyer that moves to a small Central Florida town to take over her uncles law practice. After buying a house she encounters a new love, a 70 year old murder mystery, a psychotic neighbor and an amorous ghost, not necessarily in that order.

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Time of Prophecy

Two women come together during the worst of times. Taura's parents have been murdered. The royal guard is attempting to murder the Heir Princess Ehlan. Together they race against time, finding magic, and love along the way.

The Sword and The Staff  

After Ehlan's betrayal Taura leaves travels to Tunon to learn more about the magic she just learned she had. Follow along as Taura learns to live with out Ehlan and more about her heritage. Can they find away to be together?

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