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Xanjaa and Patricia Wiseroostr

Last Updated:  6/12/2007

Powers Of The Queen   ebook version available

Xena and Gabrielle first time story with a few twists and turns. Our story begins immediately following the 'Blind Faith' episode in season 2. All the gods are still alive and kicking and several appear in this story. So, if you're looking for a rollicking good time with our favorite gals in a new adventure the likes of which TPTB were afraid to show, then join us.
Note: this piece has some graphic loves scenes (ever so tastefully done), so read please the disclaimers.

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The Persian Encounter

In this long awaited sequel to Powers Of The Queen, Xena and Gabrielle have fallen into a routine at the camp of the Thracian Amazons, but that is about to change. Sister Amazons from the Caucus Mountains reach out for help. Dangerous forces are afoot and the future of the Amazon Nation and of humanity stands in the balance. You will meet new Amazons and Gods from the East and learn about their loves and lives. This is an old fashioned love story with a heavy dose of drama and adventure thrown in as Xena and company battle an army the likes of which even she could not anticipate.