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Last Updated:  9/30/2005

Sappho's Couples Counseling Service, Session One

On The Couch

As a birthday present for Gabrielle, Xena agrees to go to Lesbos to seek couples counseling with Sappho, aka Dr. Love, to help them work through their intimacy and boundary issues.

Sunset Interlude

On The Couch is followed by 'Sunset Interlude' which includes a long-forgotten scene from Xena's past.

A Job Well Done

A brief entry in Gabrielle's diary reflecting on the effectiveness of Sappho's "cure."

Sappho's Couples Counseling Service, Session Two: 'I Sing Of David'

Xena and Gabrielle return for follow-up counseling with Dr. Love to explore issues of trust and intimacy.

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