(A butchered xmas carol by Bat Productions)
by Bat Morda
1996 Dec 24

Author's Comments:
Aug 07 2000

Butchering songs is something else I don't recall. Maybe it was the eggnog.

(butchered to the tune of Winter Wonderland)

Xena's eyes- Are you watchin'
Gabby's abs- are you droolin'

Glued to the tv
my fantasies and me
livin' in a Xena Wonderland

There's a thug- and he's fallin'
Some subtext- here it callin'

Got my X-chip
it's a perfect fit
livin' in a Xena Wonderland

In my office they think I'm crazy
Cuz I do the Xena yell on cue
But none of my co-workers are lazy
Cuz I do the "blood and brain" thing too

Now it's time- I'm a watchin'
And my heart it's a throbin'
I just love the sight
Like leather at night

Livin' in a Xena Wonderland

Happy xmas all :)


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