"Special Sauce"

by Cousin Liz
written 1998 Jan 11
revised 2000 Sep 18

Disclaimers: The characters of Xena: Warrior Princess are owned by RenPic and Studios USA and used here without permission. No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this story.

This story shows the loving relationship between two women. If this type of story offends you, or you are not old enough to read it, please stop reading now.

I hope you all enjoy.

Xena quietly studied the top of the bard's strawberry blonde head and mused, yet again to herself, how Gabrielle was able to breathe. With her right hand the warrior gently stroked the back of the bard's head and chuckled as Gabrielle burrowed her face even further between the warrior's breasts. Even during sleep, her young lover was a very physical person.

The ex-warlord continued to rest comfortably on her left side with Gabrielle firmly attached to her front. A small smile splayed across her face as Gabrielle made little murmuring sleep noises which tickled the warrior's skin. Lately, the bard had been making a game of trying to find ticklish spots on her stoic warrior, and Xena was glad that Gabrielle was still fast asleep and couldn't feel the slight vibrations that her chest was making in response. 'Ah, my bard. If only you knew what you do to me.'

The dawning light in the eastern sky informed the warrior that it would soon be time to rise. Daylight had been growing steadily shorter, and Xena knew they would have to get an early start if they were going to cover any appreciable ground. 'Yeah -- move. Like I really want to crawl out from these warm furs... and Gabrielle. Oh well, gotta do it.' The warrior gently stroked the bard's long, fragrant hair, while easing her hand slowly down her lover's back. Gabrielle began to stir. Her left eye cracked open, and Xena could feel the smile spread across the bard's face as the woman realized where she once again had nestled.

"Mmm... good morning," Gabrielle murmured as she looked up into Xena's smiling face. She tried unsuccessfully to stifle a yawn and soon found herself with a mouth full of warrior.

"Hungry?" Xena asked.

The bard began to tenderly chew on the side of Xena's right breast. "Yeah," she quirked, as she wrapped an arm around her warrior and pulled her towards her.

"I guess that means the headache you had last night is gone?" Xena ventured. The warrior was now fully awake. Her right hand continued to gently stroke the bard's back, as all of her focus was diverted to Gabrielle's questing mouth.

"Mmm hmm." The bard pulled back for a moment. "Whatever you put in my tea last night sure did the trick."

"Ah, my secret blend. A little of this, a little of that. You sure you're feeling better this morning?" Gabrielle enthusiastically shook her head. "Good," the warrior seductively purred as she rolled forward and came to rest on top of the bard. "I missed this last night." She leaned forward and kissed the sleep out of the bard's eyes. Venturing lower, Xena lightly licked the tip of Gabrielle's nose before her mouth settled lightly onto the soft lips she loved so much. The kisses were no more than soft caresses at first, but as their passion ignited they deepened, consuming their senses.

Xena eventually pulled away, her physical need to push air into her lungs overpowering her growing desires. She looked into Gabrielle's glazed eyes and laughed softly as the bard inhaled a ragged breath. The younger woman slid her hands down the warrior's sleek body, coming to rest at her waist. With a firm tug, she attempted to pull Xena up her body.

The warrior gladly obliged.

She raised herself on her forearms and slowly slid herself up until her breasts were poised over Gabrielle's face. The bard's hands quickly went to work on the laces of the warrior's shift, working them free from the last few eyelets that held her treasure secure.

Gabrielle's eyes widened in delight as Xena's ample bosoms gently swayed above her. The warrior spied Gabrielle licking her lips in anticipation, and teasingly lowered her right breast towards the bard's open mouth. She stopped a short distance from the bard's waiting lips though, her nipple just out of reach. A small groan of frustration escaped Gabrielle's throat, but she quickly decided that two could play this game. Extending her tongue fully, she slowly grazed the nipple before her and beamed as she watched it quickly wrinkle and swell.

A hiss of air rushed past the warrior's gritted teeth as she arched her back at the exquisite torture that she quickly found herself putting herself through. Gabrielle tilted her head slightly to her right and proceeded to repeat her tongue lashing to Xena's other nipple. The warrior held out for as long as she could, but knew she was done for when a shuddering ripple of heat coursed through her body, turning the muscles of her forearms to jelly. Xena willingly surrendered this battle to her bard, and collapsed on top of her, her left breast heading straight for Gabrielle's waiting open mouth.

"Mmm," the bard said as a mischievous glint of victory sparkled in her eyes. "What took you so long?" she asked, as she continued to suckle. The warrior could only moan in response. Gabrielle continued to make little slurping noises as she hungrily feasted on first one and then the other soft mound of flesh.

Slowly she dragged her nails down Xena's back, her hands coming to rest on the warrior's muscled backside. She loved to feel the powerful play of her warrior's rippling muscles under such soft sensuous skin. 'But this cloth barrier has got to go.' The bard tried unsuccessfully to tug her lover's shift up and over her hips. "Xena, please," she implored.

"Wait a minute." Xena sat up and straddled the bard's hips, allowing the warm fur covering to slide down her back and pool at her feet. The cold morning air assaulted her sweaty skin, causing a shiver. The warrior quickly removed her shift and then bent to the task of loosening the laces on the bard's shift. Pushing herself back onto the balls of her feet, she grasped the bottom of Gabrielle's shift. "Lift." The bard obeyed, and Xena quickly had her lover's naked body laid out before her.

Gabrielle invitingly spread her legs wide, accepting her lover into her. Xena comfortably settled herself down, the skin on skin contact nearly overpowering her senses. She reached behind herself and pulled the thick fur back up to cover them. Her need to taste Gabrielle's sex was great, but she steadfastly refused to head directly there. Instead, she took her time, nipping at the bard's jaw, nibbling her ear, and tasting her lips. During that same time, the warrior made sure not to neglect the rest of her bard's lovely body. Her hands roamed downward, grasping Gabrielle firmly behind her knees. As she slid down under the warm furs to capture one of the bard's breasts, she pulled the woman's legs up and wrapped her arms under her thighs. Xena was now completely covered by the fur blankets, and Gabrielle felt her senses heighten when she could no longer watch her lover.

The warrior groaned loudly as her belly sluiced wetly over the bard's juicy sex. "Gods Gabrielle, you're so wet."

The bard entangled her hands in Xena's hair, clasping the warrior's head firmly to her bosom. "Please, Xena. I... I can't take..." Gabrielle suddenly lost all conscious thought as she threw her head back and arched herself into Xena's mouth. The warrior took this opportunity to pull the bard's legs up even further, and slowly began to grind her hardened abdomen into Gabrielle's sopping sex.

Xena switched her ministrations to the bard's other breast, alternating between biting and suckling the aroused flesh. Gabrielle's hips were now bucking beneath her, and the warrior wanted desperately to have her tongue buried inside her lover when the bard came. Sliding Gabrielle's legs over her shoulders, the warrior replaced her mouth with her hands and started the journey down to claim her love.

Gabrielle's pants became even more ragged as she frantically pushed the warrior's head lower. She desperately needed to feel this woman possess her fully, knowing that Xena was capable of taking her places she has never been. Her focus was pinpointed on the warrior's mouth as it slid over her belly and headed unerringly for her blonde curls.

Just as Xena's chin came into contact with the bard's throbbing mound, the fur flew and the warrior bolted from her dark cocoon. In moments Xena's leathers were covering her body and her sword was firmly grasped in her hands. Gabrielle scrambled about trying to find her clothes, but Xena made a disgusted face and motioned the bard to simply cover herself up with the furs.

Seconds later, Gabrielle too heard the sounds of someone trying to quietly approach their campsite.

And failing miserably.

The unmistakable sound of tinny clanking armor shot through the warrior's frazzled nerves and she sat down dejectedly on the fallen log behind her. Pulling on a boot Xena muttered to no one in particular, "He better have a very, very good reason for being here at this hour, or I swear I'm gonna run him through with my sword!"


"I can't help it! I want nothing more than to crawl back in there and lose myself in you."

"I know, I know. But maybe something's the matter."

"For his sake, there better be." The warrior finished putting on her other boot and was playing with the fire when Joxer came stumbling into view.

"Hi, Xena!"


"Hi, Gabby!"

Xena flinched at the term of endearment.

"Hi, Joxer," Gabrielle replied as she continued to tightly hold the fur blanket around her shivering body. She had managed to find Xena's shift under the covers and donned it, though the absence of her warrior's natural body heat was sorely missed.

Joxer looked around for a moment, though he never visibly seemed to register the absence of a second bedroll at the fire. Cheerfully he headed towards Xena and plunked himself down with an air of self-importance. "So, what brings you so far from the road?" the bard asked.

"Well, you know us warrior types can never be too careful." Joxer looked approvingly towards Xena.

"You're lost," Gabrielle corrected him.

"No! I... I was just scouting the terrain."

"Two miles from the road?" the warrior questioned.

"Well, I thought I saw smoke. And when I got closer I heard Gabby shout your name."

The bard's face immediately began to flush, the red rising quickly up her neck and over her cheeks. She stole a quick apologetic glance at Xena but was unable to look Joxer in the face. Joxer just shrugged and turned towards Xena.

"Why are you camping so far from the road?"

The warrior pondered for a moment about telling Joxer the truth. 'My little bard's loud vocalization's when I ravish her are enough to wake the dead.' Xena glanced over at Gabrielle, who was trying desperately to find something to do. 'No, I better not. She'd never forgive me.' "Bandits."

"Bandits? At this time of year? It's too cold!"

"They're more desperate," Gabrielle added.

"Ohhh." Joxer pondered her answer and decided it made perfect sense.

"Xena, would you mind heating some water for tea?" The warrior nodded yes and went to their supplies for a small pot. "I've still got to..." The bard looked down at herself and over to Joxer. "Would you mind filling the waterskins while I dress? There's a creek not far to the north."

"Sure Gabby! Whatever you like." He stood and looked around the campsite, already seeming to forget what he was looking for.

"Joxer. Over here." Xena filled the small pot with water and handed Joxer their waterskins.

"You said north?" Joxer did a slow pirouette, oblivious to the rising sun in the east.

Xena pointed.

Joxer took off.

"Do you think it was wise to give him all of our waterskins? We may never see him again."

"Hmmph. Never thought about that." Xena placed the pot of water over the fire and went and knelt next to Gabrielle. Cupping the bard's face in her hands she planted a tender kiss on her lover's lips. "I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault he showed up."

"He could always have an *accident* filling the waterskins."

"Xena!" Gabrielle looked into her warrior's eyes and realized she wasn't totally sure if her friend was joking or not. "Now Xena. You know he means well."

"I know." But the look of frustration was evident on the warrior's face.

"Do me a favor. When you take Argo down for water, take the long route back. And take Joxer with you."


"Stall," the bard blurted. Xena just stared at her. "I've got to get dressed, and things." Gabrielle started to blush again and Xena tried valiantly to minimize her chortling.

"Okay, Okay. You got it." The warrior gave her a quick peck on the tip of her nose and left with Argo to track down Joxer.


When Xena and Joxer arrived back at camp, much later, they found Gabrielle wrapped in her long cape warming her hands over the fire. Next to the fire three cups of herbs waited for hot water. There were also plates of appetizing pocket sandwiches. Gabrielle filled the cups and offered one to Xena, who had taken a seat back on the fallen log. She then handed a cup to Joxer, who made himself right at home next to the warrior. The bard sighed and sat on the other side of Joxer at right angles to her friends.

"Oh wow, breakfast!" Joxer reached for a plate of pocket sandwiches, only to have his hand slapped away by Gabrielle. "OW!" The wanna-be warrior pulled his hand back as if he'd been stung. "What'd you do *that* for?!" he whined.

"That's *Xena's* plate. Here." The bard quickly handed him one of the other plates. Joxer looked down at the sandwiches on his plate and then over at Xena's plate. For once, he rightly ascertained that there were no outward differences. The warrior gave her lover a puzzled look as Gabrielle handed her her plate. The bard turned to Joxer. "Xena mentioned this morning that she had a taste for my special sauce. I only had enough for her sandwiches."

"Hey! Can I try a bite?" Joxer reached for one of the sandwiches on Xena's plate, only to have his hand slapped away again, this time by the warrior.

Xena was well aware of the food stuffs that they carried, and knew for a fact that there had been no special sauce amongst their provisions. She warily took a bite and slowly began to chew. Suddenly her jaw froze and her eyes bugged out as the *special sauce* slid lovingly over her taste buds. If she hadn't been so determined not to lose even a bit of the sandwich, it might have flown out of her mouth as she blurted out, "Gabrielle?!?"

The bard grinned at Xena and turned to Joxer. "She likes her sauce *hot*," she replied to Joxer's questioning gaze.

"Oh. Do you make it yourself?" he innocently inquired.

With a straight face the bard looked directly at Xena and replied, "Sometimes. But mostly Xena helps."

Xena began to choke and Joxer gave her a few warrior-type whaps on her back. "Hey. If it's that good, maybe Salmoneus and I could go into business together and make some ourselves." The warrior wanna-be was mystified when this idea brought gales of laughter from his friends, and Xena and Gabrielle both tried with varying amounts of success to push that picture from their minds.

Eventually the revelry quieted down and Xena sat back and stared at her lover intently through hooded eyes. She could feel her own juices trickling down her thigh as she slowly savored her breakfast, which tasted uniquely like Gabrielle.

The End

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