by Cousin Liz
1997 Nov 30

Disclaimers: The characters of Xena: Warrior Princess are owned by MCA Pictures and used here without permission. No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this story.

This story shows the loving relationship between two women. You may even consider it explicit at times. If this type of story offends you, or you are not old enough to read it, please stop reading now.

I hope you all enjoy.

As Gabrielle crossed the establishment's threshold, she immediately regretted not listening to Xena. But Hades if she was going to let the warrior get away with treating her like some kind of a child. She might have understood if Xena had said it was too dangerous for her to come along, or that the bard was needed for something more important. But to be brushed off with a remark that she was not old enough to go made the young girl fume.

Ever since they had found out who was holding the young women and men from the village of Pelinni captive, the warrior had been distant. She had told Gabrielle they had been captured to be sold as slaves, but the bard felt there was more to it than that. And try as she might, she could not get the reticent warrior to go into any greater detail.

The bard took another step into the noisy room and looked around. She was surprised to find the place so lavishly decorated. Richly appointed sofas lined the walls while highly polished tables were scattered about. From the exterior, it looked like any of the other numerous taverns she and Xena had frequented. But this was no regular tavern. What first caught the bard's eye was the young girl wearing nothing but a black collar and a smile dancing on top of a table in the middle of the room. From her looks, Gabrielle would have bet her last dinar the girl was even younger than herself. But what made the young girl's jaw drop open in disbelief were the numerous couples and groups engaged in sex within full view of other patrons. There was every kind of pairing and positions assumed, both imaginable and un-imaginable for the bard.

Gabrielle's eyes riveted on three women using a sofa on the far right. A small blonde- haired girl was sitting on the sofa, her legs spread wide. All she wore were white stockings and a black collar. An older woman wearing a rich black satin dress was on all fours in front of her. The little blonde had her head thrown back as the older woman enthusiastically buried her head further in to the blonde's cunt. Another young blonde girl, also wearing a black collar, was kneeling behind the older woman. From their angle Gabrielle couldn't be sure, but it appeared to her the young blonde was fucking the older woman up the ass. Gabrielle was well aware that women had sex. You don't visit the Amazons for any length of time without realizing that fact. It was just that the bard had never actually seen women together. And especially not more than two at a time.

Gabrielle felt the moisture starting to build between her legs and realized with a start that she was thinking about Xena. She loved the warrior so much it hurt. But Xena never seemed to notice her. At least not as a woman and especially not as a lover. Her fantasy was always the same. Long arms holding her tight while strong, sure fingers touched her *everywhere*. The warrior would sweep her off her feet and they'd make passionate love all night long. Simple really. All she had to do was get Xena to see her as more than a naive village girl. Even if that was what she really was.

The bard tore her eyes away from the sweating and thrusting threesome and scanned the room for Xena. Scantily clad women and men serving drinks and food wove their way between the tables. Gabrielle peered over the crowd to the back of the room and thought she saw Xena. She wasn't completely sure, as the warrior's face was obscured by the back of another woman. The bracered forearm that suddenly wrapped itself around the woman's back though gave the bard little doubt.

Gabrielle began to weave her way through the crowd. As she made her way past the second table her eyes bugged out as a large arm wrapped itself around her from behind, and a hand latched possessively onto her right breast. Before she could react, Gabrielle was spun around and pushed down into an empty chair. "Hmm... what do we have here? You're new," the woman warrior cooed as she bent over a shocked bard. Her mouth was inches from claiming Gabrielle's lips when she suddenly stopped. Her breath caught and a hush fell on the room as she felt the blade of a dagger biting into her throat. As the blade pushed further into her flesh drawing blood, she slowly backed off Gabrielle and stood up.

A low menacing voice from behind her growled, "She's mine. Hands off." The warrior woman turned to see cold blue boring into her. Xena sent her elbow crashing into the warrior's face, knocking her out cold. All eyes were on Xena now, and she knew it. She contemplated her next action, knowing that if Gabrielle resisted, the charade she was conceiving would be over before it began. But the bard was here now, and Xena knew of only one way to protect her from the lecherous hands of the other patrons.

Turning to Gabrielle, she extended her hand. The bard hesitated, seeing the fire that still burned in the warrior's eyes. Xena grabbed her by the wrist and hauled her to her feet, pulling her roughly into a tight embrace. Their eyes met for just a moment before the warrior's mouth descended onto Gabrielle's lips. Xena felt the startled girl resist and she deepened the kiss, her powerful arms allowing the girl no chance of escape. The warrior soon felt tentative hands on her upper arms, and thrust her tongue past the bard's lips claiming her mouth with fierce voracity. Gabrielle closed her eyes and surrendered into Xena's body. She had always wondered what it would be like to kiss her friend. She just never thought it would be in a room filled with strangers. Xena felt the bard's submission and realized she finally had the answer to the one question that had plagued her mind for many moons. There *was* hope for them.

The patrons watched as Xena then proceeded to claim the young girl's left ear. "What in Tartarus do you think you're doing here?" the warrior snarled into her ear. "I thought I told you to wait for me."

Xena's wet lips brushed Gabrielle's ear and the young girl shuddered, the warrior's terse words and powerful presence boring into her soul. "I... I..." the bard was unable to form a coherent thought, the length of Xena's body pressed up against her, overwhelming her senses.

"Well, now that you're here... follow my lead, and do exactly what I say. Our lives may very well depend on it." Xena would have preferred to leave right away, getting Gabrielle as far away as possible. But the little show they had just put on left her with no alternatives. Xena kept her right arm protectively around the bard's waist and walked back to her table. The warrior made sure her look as she passed the patrons left no doubt in their minds that the young girl was definitely taken. Gabrielle, still too shaken to fully comprehend what was going on, went quietly along.

Xena wished now that she had been willing to tell her young friend the real reason she left her behind. She had told Gabrielle that she was meeting with the slavers at a tavern and had hoped to get in their good graces to learn where the villagers were being held. What she neglected to tell the bard was that the "tavern" she was visiting was in reality a notorious den of decadence. And the two "slavers" were actually the owners, who used the captured women and men as sex slaves. Xena knew what she'd have to do to "fit in," and it was not something she had been comfortable discussing with her naive friend.

"Why Xena, what do you have there?" Cassandra asked as she looked disapprovingly at Gabrielle. "I didn't think you went for the scrawny type?" she mused.

The bard's face clouded over and she was about to put this *woman* in her place when she suddenly felt a large hand slip under her skirt and grab a handful of her butt. "YEOW!!" she cried as she jumped from the hard pinch. She whirled to see the warrior's eyes twinkling at her.

"I thought you *liked* my love pats. You weren't complaining about them last night from what I remember. As a matter of fact, I recall you begging for more." The warrior's hand made contact again causing Gabrielle to jump into her. The older woman pulled the bard against her, her teeth sinking into the soft skin of Gabrielle's neck. The bard moaned, surprised how the pain she was experiencing from Xena's teeth was translating to a throbbing between her legs. As the warrior brushed her lips past the young girl's ear she whispered, "Obey me." Gabrielle felt a spasm shoot through her as her body instantly agreed.

"Quite a filly you've got there," commented Acacia.

"Yeah, never a dull moment," Xena quipped.

A very dejected looking young girl could not hold her tongue any longer. "I thought you said you liked me?" the curly haired brunette asked as she sidled up to Xena. The top buttons of her dress were open, and her ample bosoms spilled out over the straining material. Gabrielle noticed that she too was wearing a black collar.

"I like you just fine," the warrior purred as she turned from the bard and eyed the sweet flesh. The young girl's eyes brightened and she quickly closed the distance between them, making sure to capture Xena's thigh between her legs. She groaned loudly as she rubbed herself against the warrior's body.

"Then what are you doin' with that scrap of a girl?" The young girl, only a few inches shorter than Xena, stood on tip-toe and wiggled her breasts in the warrior's face. "You were enjoyin' yourself just a minute ago," she pouted. "You *know* I'd do *anything* for you." The brunette saw the lust in the warrior's eyes and boldly wrapped her hand around Xena's neck, gently pulling the warrior's face into her heaving bosom. "Yes, that's right... I'm yours.. all yours..."

Xena wrapped her left hand in the young girl's hair and roughly jerked her head back, delighting in the way the two large mounds of flesh perked up to attention. She buried her face between the delicious pair, reveling in the feel of the young skin against her cheeks. Her right hand though, had never left the bard's lower back, where she continued to gently stroke the soft skin. The warrior slid her mouth to the left and captured the girl's right nipple between her teeth, biting and twisting on the hard puckered flesh. At the same time, she ran her nails up and back down Gabrielle's spine, elated in the small gasp she heard from behind her.

Gabrielle, whose back was to the back wall of the room, took the opportunity to quietly slide her arm behind herself and interlace her fingers with Xena's. With what the warrior could only assume was a bit of jealousy mixed with desire, the bard urged their hands lower, until Xena's hand was wrapped around a well defined piece of ass. The warrior chuckled into the girl's breast as she realized she had been out-maneuvered. There was no denying the brunette's breasts were tasty, but the thought of even the slightest possibility of burying her face in her best friend's cunt was enough to detach her from her current feast. The young girl whimpered in defeat as Xena gave her one last searing lip- lock before pressing a couple of dinars into her palm and sending her on her way.

"Is there anything wrong with our merchandise?" Acacia asked as she started to rise. "I will have her *reprimanded*. You may even do it yourself if you so desire. I remember how you used to take pleasure in meting out a little discipline." Acacia smiled at a long ago memory. "Remember how we'd sometimes take turns? You were *spectacular* to watch." Xena could hear Gabrielle's breath catch from behind her and the warrior's heart quietly broke. This was the other reason she hadn't wanted Gabrielle along. She didn't think the young girl was ready to hear about her more notorious sexual exploits. "I told you someday I'd own a place of my own," Acacia continued, the warrior's finely chiseled features belying none of her true feelings. Acacia swept her arm out in front of herself and smiled at Cassandra. "We've really made a name for ourselves. Only the best."

"No, that's quite alright," Xena assured her. "Your merchandise is superior in every way. I simply have a taste for Amazon this evening."

"Amazon?!" Cassandra queried as she eyed Gabrielle warily. "Isn't she-"

"Oh, she's an Amazon all right."

"I always thought they'd be impossible to train," Cassandra interjected.

"Yes, but you're talking to Xena. If anybody can train an Amazon," Acacia proudly replied, "it'd be her."

"Well, it has been interesting," the warrior confided, as she took her seat on the bench along the back wall. Gabrielle sat to the warrior's right and yelped as two fingertips suddenly dug into the soft flesh just behind her chin, forcing her to quickly jump to her feet. "I don't recall telling you to sit!" the warrior barked at her. Xena saw a tear begin to form in the young girl's eye and she gave the bard an icy cold stare that effectively dried her tear ducts up immediately. "You'll have to excuse her. She's a rather new acquisition of mine," the warrior said as she turned from Gabrielle and gave her two table mates an apologetic look.

"It does appear that you have your work cut out for you," Cassandra prompted.

"Yes, it does appear that way," the warrior mused as she ran the back of her finger up the bard's thigh. "But I do plan on enjoying myself," she added, as her hand disappeared under the girl's skirt. Gabrielle squeezed her eyes shut, trying hard to ignore her best friend's roaming fingers. Part of her, mainly the part between her legs, insisted on focusing on those long, strong fingers and wished the warrior would throw her down on the table top and take her right now, right in front of everybody. The other part of her, which was growing weaker by the minute, was horrified at the thought of such a public spectacle.

Xena was lucky. Her roaming hand had so distracted the bard, that Gabrielle had missed the entire conversation the three women had about the 'good old days.' And that was fine with the warrior. She knew that by the time all of this was over, the bard was going to be privy to a side of the warrior that Xena had hoped she could have kept neatly hidden from her best friend. She was afraid that adding the exploits of a wild and sexually domineering warlord would have been more than the young girl could take.

Their conversation had been interrupted by the appearance of two lovely young women serving dinner and drink. The young girls remained standing there afterwards, patiently waiting to be dismissed. "I hope you enjoy your meal," Cassandra said to Xena. "And if there's anything I can get you, please don't hesitate to ask." The warrior nodded in acknowledgment. Acacia nonchalantly reached out and pulled the blonde serving girl onto her lap. She positioned her so the young girl was sitting sideways, one leg draped over the arm of the chair and the other dangling down between the older woman's legs.

Gabrielle watched, both repulsed and fascinated as Acacia casually slid her right hand under the girl's short skirt. She could tell by the small whimper that escaped the young girl's mouth exactly where that hand was headed and what the fingers must have been doing. The bard noticed that Acacia was stroking the young girl slowly, almost absentmindedly, as she continued her conversation. It was not the frenzied sex the bard was seeing at most of the other tables. Gabrielle made eye contact briefly with the young girl, and the bard was saddened by the vacant, lost look in the young girl's soulless eyes. She averted her eyes, upset that such innocent young women and men were being used so callously. The bard wondered what she would do if she ever found herself in the same predicament. Her mind told her that her natural instinct would be to fight, and maybe these slaves had. At first. But Gabrielle could not begin to imagine what they must have been through to break their minds as well as their spirit to allow themselves to be so degraded. Her mind flashed back on to her own dilemma and the bard tried to convince herself that her current status with Xena was entirely different. She knew Xena was treating her this way to protect her. The warrior had told her more than once that she would do whatever was necessary to keep her safe. But in Gabrielle's wildest dreams, this scenario had never presented itself.

A hard smack on the back of the bard's left thigh quickly brought Gabrielle's attention back to Xena. "Are you daydreaming again?" the warrior asked sarcastically, in sharp contrast to the soothing massage she was now applying to Gabrielle's reddening thigh.

The bard lowered her eyes and responded quietly, "Yes Mistress. I'm sorry."

Xena had to bite her lip in order not to laugh at the title the bard had bestowed upon her. "Well, don't let it happen again." She massaged the girl's thigh a little longer, pleased that Gabrielle was leaning into her caresses. The warrior removed her hand and tugged at the hem of the girl's skirt. "I had told you to sit down," Xena informed her. "Sit." The bard quickly complied.

With her left hand Xena began to eat her meal, which the bard quickly realized was made up entirely of bite sized finger food, while the warrior draped her right arm around Gabrielle's neck. Her hand hung languidly down the bard's front, her fingers playing with the edge of the girl's halter near her right breast. Gabrielle closed her eyes as the feel of warm callused fingers gliding slowly against her soft skin sent a shiver through her body. The warrior smiled inwardly as she felt the bard respond to her inquiring touch.

Xena proceeded to slip just the tips of her fingers under the edge of the girl's halter, and was startled by the sigh that escaped her best friend's lips. Gabrielle leaned back against the strong arm that surrounded her, trying desperately to quell her body's craving to arch her back and offer her flesh to the warrior. Her need to feel Xena touch her was tempered with her uncertainty as to whether the attention her body was receiving was entirely for show, or whether some of it was the warrior's true feelings finally being revealed.

The moment Xena had found out the true destination of the kidnaped villagers, she had decided to keep the bard out of her plans. And in the days leading up to tonight's meeting, the warrior had wrestled with thoughts of what she would do. She had been concerned about how Gabrielle would react to such a place, as well as to what the warrior might have to do to solve the problem. Xena knew that if she showed up on her own, she would be offered a young girl that she could not refuse. And the warrior was uncertain if she *could* refuse such an offer. It had been so long since she had lain with another woman. Since Gabrielle had come into her life, Xena had been content to indulge herself in fantasies of her young friend. But fantasies didn't quell the slow simmering desires that were aching inside her.

Xena slid her fingers slightly further under the bard's halter, and marveled at the exquisite softness that was Gabrielle. To anybody paying attention, the warrior appeared riveted on her conversation with the two women, but in reality every nerve ending in Xena's body was screaming for a chance to touch the bard. At one time the warrior would have been certain that if Gabrielle had ever found out her true feelings, she would have been repulsed. Now she wasn't so sure. Was Gabrielle simply reacting to her surroundings? She knew she had told the bard to play along, but the responses she was receiving from the young girl's body were unmistakable. Then again, the warrior reminded herself, she had always been quite persuasive at getting unsuspecting girls to fall victim to her seductive powers. With this in mind, Xena decided to put on a good show for the two women, while only making it appear that she was using her best friend.

The bard opened her eyes and tried to focus on something, anything other than the hand that teased her willing breast. She looked across the table to see Acacia pulling her fingers out from the young girl's crotch. Gabrielle watched as she saw a brief look of disappointment flash on the girl's face before it had been expertly concealed. Acacia held her wet, dripping fingers to the girl's lips and took turns sliding each one into her waiting mouth where the young girl lapped and sucked her own juices from the older woman's digits. The bard watched Acacia then reach for a piece of food and make a detour with it to the girl's crotch. When she brought it back out it was dripping with the girl's essence. Acacia smiled before popping it in her mouth. Gabrielle began to squirm as she felt her own juices begin to dribble down her thighs as she watched Acacia proceed to eat the rest of her meal in the same fashion.

The salty taste of an olive pressed upon her lips quickly brought Gabrielle out of her reverie. The bard opened her mouth and accepted the offering neatly held between the warrior's fingers. Gabrielle closed her mouth on the warrior's fingers, swirling her tongue slowly over each digit before finally allowing her friend to reclaim them. Xena groaned as a bolt of desire shot to her loins, and the warrior prayed to the gods that she would be able to control her mounting need.

Cassandra watched as Xena fed her slave another piece of food from her plate. "We usually feed ours later on. I'd be more than happy to take care of her for you."

"I like to feed them myself," Xena said as she placed another morsel of food in the bard's mouth. "Anyway, I have *plans* for her later tonight." The warrior felt the bard stiffen slightly at the announcement and wished she could convey a sense of security to her friend. She was unsure if Gabrielle realized she was all talk.

Cassandra called over the young slave girl who had been standing in attendance since the beginning of the meal. With a few whispered words, the girl quickly departed to be replaced by a young slave boy carrying dessert. Soon after he served the three women, Cassandra motioned the young boy over and he quickly disappeared beneath the table; the long table skirt effectively hiding him from the rest of the room. Gabrielle observed the woman scoot forward slightly and settle herself comfortably in her plush cushioned chair. She began absently picking at her desert, obviously more intent on the goings on under the table. "I do so love desert time around here," Cassandra purred. "It's so -- oh gggodddssss!" she squealed, as her right hand dropped the desert that was heading for her mouth and shot under the table. Cassandra began to rock rhythmically in her chair, her conversation and desert both completely forgotten.

"Hmm, I think she's got the right idea," Acacia smirked as she pushed the young girl off her lap and under the table. "Don't you?" She gave the warrior a big grin as she settled herself on the edge of her chair.

Xena cringed. She was afraid this was going to happen, and could not think of a good enough reason to get herself out of it. The warrior laid her hand on the bard's thigh and gave her a reassuring squeeze. She dreaded the thought of putting her friend in such a compromising position, but planned to use the cover of the table skirt to her advantage. Xena was about to move the bard under the table when the young girl turned and looked her straight in the eyes. The warrior saw the unwavering trust reflected back at her and cupped the bard's face in the palm of her right hand, allowing her fingertips to bury themselves in the soft strawberry blonde hair. She slowly slid her hand down to the bard's shoulder and gently pushed the young girl under the table.

Xena inched herself forward until her ass cheeks were on the edge of the bench and spread her legs to accept the bard's body between them. Placing her hand on the left side of the bard's head, she pushed the young girl's head to the side so it was resting on the inside of her left thigh. The warrior stroked the bard's cheek and lost herself in the feel of the young girl's breath softly tickling her skin. Just the thought of tangling her fingers in the bard's luscious hair and pushing the young girl's sweet mouth into her hot throbbing cunt caused a low moan to escape her lips. For all intents and purposes, it appeared from above the table that the warrior was getting the best tongue lashing in history. But below Xena kept Gabrielle's head resting on her thigh and held her softly with her hand.

Gabrielle had slid down between the warrior's legs, not knowing exactly what Xena had in mind. She had no idea what to do with her arms, and left them limp at her sides. When Xena's hand came down and found her head, the bard leaned into the pressure of the warrior's fingertips, turning her head slightly to brush her lips over her friend's inner wrist. Gabrielle allowed Xena to guide her head to rest against her thigh, and the bard soon found herself staring up the length of the warrior's long muscled leg into a dark forbidden place that had been haunting her dreams and overrunning her daytime thoughts. Xena had begun to stroke her face, and Gabrielle found herself unable and unwilling to even blink for fear of breaking the spell that had allowed her so close to her dream.

The young girl inhaled deeply, and the heady mixture of well-worn leather, sweat and a musky essence that the bard knew had to be warrior juice filled her lungs and invaded every nerve ending in her body. Gabrielle could feel the ache in her groin flare and the muscles of her sex clenching and searching for relief. Her nipples, now sensitive and erect, pushed painfully against her halter. The bard slid her left hand under her top and grasped her right nipple, rolling and pinching the swollen flesh between her thumb and forefinger. Unfortunately, all this did was make her cunt convulse and beg for attention. Gabrielle abandoned her breast and slid her hand lower, sliding it under her skirt. She pushed two fingers into the soft folds of her sex, finding and massaging the point of her desires. She quickly increased the speed of her fingers, rocking harder and faster against her hand.

The warrior could feel the bard sweating and panting and even though she had no idea what was going on, the sounds alone were driving her crazy with lust. Gabrielle's right hand came up and latched onto the warrior's left thigh as she plunged two fingers deep into her hot pulsing core, pumping them for all she was worth.

Xena could feel her juices flowing unhindered down her thigh, her britches and shift purposefully not worn this evening. The warrior's thigh muscles constricted and bunched as she felt the bard's hot mouth begin to lick the tender flesh on the inside of her thigh. Xena felt around, frantically trying to comprehend what was going on under the table and froze when her hand came to rest on the bard's thrusting left arm.

Gabrielle continued to pump her fingers furiously into her own dark cave, determined to bring some sort of relief to her fevered flesh. She could feel her climax building and building and knew she was close. Her one last lucid thought was a fleeting concern about having her true exploits under the table found out by the other two women since she was certain she'd be unable to hold back the scream she could feel rumbling in her chest. So at the last possible moment, with all possibilities of how to avoid the inevitable considered and dismissed, the bard thrust her head forward and buried her face in her best friend's sex. She climaxed seconds later, her tongue buried deep inside the warrior and Xena's name screamed from a muffled mouth full of hot sweet warrior flesh.

Cassandra eyed Xena a bit warily, but Acacia's eyes gleamed as she amusedly watched the warrior nearly jump out of her seat. Xena's face froze in wide-eyed astonishment for a few beats before a look of pure pleasure and lust glazed over her eyes.

Both of Xena's hands shot under the table, clutching and grasping at the back of Gabrielle's head. She silently pleaded for the bard to take her as she felt the reverberations of Gabrielle's scream pulse maddeningly through her engorged clit. The warrior pushed the young girl's head further into her cunt, repeatedly thrusting herself and smearing her juices over the bard's face.

Gabrielle quickly pulled her fingers from her own spent flesh and wrapped both of her arms around the warrior's upper thighs. After a few failed attempts she succeeded in wrapping her lips around her prize. She sucked long and hard on the throbbing nub, still having a hard time comprehending what was going on. 'My face is buried in Xena's cunt and she's not only enjoying it, she's urging me on?! Gods, I can't believe... hmm, she tastes *so* good.' The bard lost herself in the warrior, swirling her tongue over her clit, exploring all of the soft folds of creamy skin and plunging her tongue repeatedly into the bottomless well of Xena's quivering sex. What she enjoyed the most were the groans from above and the clenching fingers dug into the back of her head whenever she sucked the hard nub into her mouth and bit down gently on its base before slowly pulling away and allowing her teeth to slide deliciously up its shaft.

Xena's mind reeled. She had wanted this for so long that now that it was actually happening she couldn't believe it. She had always pictured a quiet campsite, somewhere far off the main trail. They would both be bedded down for the night, under a clear crisp sky filled with thousands of twinkling stars. She would rise and walk to Gabrielle, standing naked before her sleeping friend. The bard would stir and wake, drinking in her body as the light from the fire danced off her skin. Gabrielle would extend her hand and guide the warrior down, and Xena would spend the rest of the night and all of the next day ravishing the young girl until they both passed out from sheer exhaustion. What hadn't come up in her fantasies was sitting in a room full of strangers with two other people at her table and Gabrielle's face buried in her cunt. Or the fact that it was Gabrielle who had taken the first step.

Xena thrust herself one last time into Gabrielle's face, as her ass left the bench and she arched her back, slamming her head and shoulders into the back wall of the establishment. Gabrielle quickly slid her arms around and under the warrior, grasping two rock hard ass cheeks and burying her nails deep in Xena's flesh. The warrior's entire body was violently convulsing and Gabrielle found her head pinned in a crushing death grip as her friend's thighs clamped tightly shut, trapping the bard in a cocoon of sweating needing flesh. Xena suddenly went rigid, and her body held that position for several heartbeats before the world around her exploded into a mind boggling symphony of light and sound as she ejaculated into the bard's mouth. Gabrielle drank deeply of the gift, the warm thick fluid running over her cheeks and down her chin tasting like sweet ambrosia.

The bard continued to milk the warrior for all she was worth. She had no idea that Xena could taste so good and did her best to thoroughly clean the warrior from top to bottom. It mattered little to her that minutes ago Xena's spent body had collapsed uselessly back onto the bench. The bard was like a kid given free reign in a candy store and she was determined to sample everything the warrior had to offer, over and over again.

Another violent spasm tore through Xena's body, this one finally strong enough to jolt the warrior back to the land of the living. It was then that Xena realized that Gabrielle was hard at work sucking and biting on her clit. 'Gods... what does she think she's doing!?!' Xena flung the table skirt up and peered under the table only to be greeted by sparkling green eyes peeking out from between her thighs. "Ga... bri... elle..." the warrior groaned. The bard acknowledged her by shaking her head yes and proceeded to bury her tongue deep into Xena's warm dark tunnel. Xena forced her hands to move and tried to gently pry the bard's face away. Gabrielle began to pout and instead pushed her face further into Xena's cunt. The warrior was wracked with another strong spasm and Gabrielle looked at Xena worriedly when she saw a flash of pain cross her beautiful features. Reluctantly, the bard released her prize.

"Thank you," the warrior mouthed as she ran her fingers through Gabrielle's hair, pushing the sweat soaked strands off of her face. Even in the shadows, Xena could plainly see the bard's face was glistening with her juices. Gabrielle smiled up at her and the warrior's heart melted. 'Gods, she's beautiful.' For the first time, Xena found herself looking not at a child, but a grown woman, capable of stealing her heart.

Xena had known all along that she would end up liberating not just the villagers of Pelinni that were recently taken, but all of the people held as slaves. She also knew she would put an end to Cassandra and Acacia's livelihood, whether it be on the end of her long sword or by some other means. Just not tonight. Tonight she planned on throwing a certain young woman over her shoulder and bounding up the stairs to the first available room she found. There was a strawberry blonde that needed to be fucked, long and hard, and Xena didn't want an audience.

The End

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