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2004 Dec 6

A detour on the journey home from their 25th anniversary adventure in IseQween's earlier story "Fifty Winters Ago" offers Gabrielle and Xena an extraordinary chance to rediscover themselves in "TWO-THOUSAND WINTERS AHEAD." This new story also builds on events in her story "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow." Please enjoy.

2004 Nov 27

Added one-hundred fifty photos to the Lucy Lawless Images section of my Xena Image Gallery Page.

2004 Nov 21

In IseQween's new story "MY MOTHER'S EYES" Solan reflects on his lineage, beginning with ORPHAN OF WAR, through MATERNAL INSTINCTS and at the end of BITTER SUITE. Please enjoy.

2004 Nov 07

Prior to the episode that introduces her, Callisto puzzles over what to do about the warlord who "made" her and has suddenly switched to performing good deeds in IseQween's new story "SOME KIND OF HERO". The story also makes particular reference to THE RECKONING, TIES THAT BIND and THE GREATER GOOD. Please enjoy.

2004 Sep 21

Gabrielle and Xena seek Aphroditeís help with a "personal" problem shortly after events depicted in my post-finale story "Suns of The Passed." This could also be considered a companion piece to "Warís Surrender." It refers to several episodes, particularly PUNCH LINES, THE GOD YOU KNOW and YOU ARE THERE in IseQween's new story "LOVE'S THERAPY". Please enjoy.

2004 Aug 14

The Poetry section on my website has been removed by request of the author.

2004 Jul 11

Several pieces have been uploaded to my Xena Collectibles Page.

Two scripts have been added to the Production Papers section. The first is Lucy Lawless' Performance Script from the Broadway Musical "Grease." There are stage notes and blocking notes handwritten in the script. The second script is a Hercules Storyboard Script titled "Reunion." It covers scene 33.

Also added two items to the Cast & Crew Miscellaneous Items section of my Xena Collectibles Page. The first is the Clapper Board used on the last day of 2nd Unit shooting for "Friend In Need." The second is a set of Xena and Hercules/Xena Employee Passes for MCA and Universal Studios.

The last item is located in the Reports section of the Production Papers page. It is the call sheet for the last day of shooting "Friend In Need" for the 2nd Unit.


2004 Jul 5

A middle-aged Xena and Gabrielle find themselves reprising roles from their past, after receiving a mysterious invitation from Cleades, the baby-to-man monarch of season fourís "Key To The Kingdom" in IseQween's new story "FIFTY WINTERS AGO". Please enjoy.

2004 Apr 26

Two new short stories by IseQween:

In "IT COULD BE WORSE", Xena and Gabrielle weather a few ripples in their new friendship immediately following their experiences in the second episode, "Chariots of War."

In IseQween's second offering, with their more active years behind them, Xena and Gabrielle spend some quality time enjoying what they have and preparing for the future in "TRANSITIONS". Please enjoy.

2004 Mar 14

IseQween's story, "THE GHOSTS INSIDE" takes place between seasons 2&3 of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, but is based on "back story" revealed in season 4's "Adventures in The Sin Trade." Please enjoy!

2004 Feb 01

Argo recalls her first experiences with the intriguing warrior she carries into "Sins of the Past" and her efforts to understand the smaller human who begins traveling with them in a new story by Iseqween uploaded to my Xena Dinosaur Bards page titled "GREENER PASTURES - A HORSEíS TALE." Please enjoy!

2004 Jan 11

Added fifty two photos to the Renee O'Connor Images section of my Xena Image Gallery Page.

2004 Jan 03

A new Iseqween story for the new year has been uploaded to my Xena Dinosaur Bards page titled "What She Sees." This classic XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS tale takes place near the end of season one, after "Ties That Bind." Please enjoy!


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