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2005 Sep 25

Shortly after events in the story "Not Yet," Gabrielle questions Xenaís perturbing response to perceptions the legendary duo are too dead or too old to aid a village in distress in IseQween's new story "SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING OLD".
Please enjoy.

2005 Sep 05

I have uploaded two stories by two different bards to my fanfic pages. The first story takes place a few months after Season Twoís THE QUEST, when an injured Gabrielle brings out a surprisingly different Warrior Princess in IseQween's new story "PAYBACK".

The second story by CJ Wells, "JANUARY THAW," is an ongoing present time uber using the characters that originated in her "Embrace/Freedom Conqueror Series". Please enjoy.

2005 Jun 20

Early in their relationship, concerned about how life at her side may change Gabrielle, Xena suggests a getaway that isnít quite as relaxing as sheíd hoped in IseQween's new story "SNOW AND TELL". Please enjoy.

2005 Jun 6

Still headed home after an unscheduled 25th anniversary trip they embarked on in the story "Fifty Winters Ago," Xena and Gabrielle get the most out of their maturity when they run into trouble that underestimates "The Grandma Brigade" in IseQween's new story "NOT YET". Please enjoy.

2005 Apr 27

I have added another bard, CJWells, to my Xena Dinosaur Bard's Fanfic page.
From CJWells: "Although my two first works, 'The Embrace' and 'Freedom' were originally inspired by characterizations of Xena and Gabrielle in other darker Conqueror stories, it was always my intent to take the two into a more complex, character-intensive arena. The subsequent stories of the 'Embrace/Freedom Series' and the sequel, 'The Conqueror's Campaign' provide a landscape for what I strived to be a unique and profound exploration of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship dynamic in an alternate, somewhat epic, setting. Enjoy the read!"

Two new stories by IseQween:
In IseQween's story "PROUD WARRIORESS... THOSE LEGS!," a master at merchandising frauds, Salmoneus discovers benefits of the real thing from his encounters with a warlord who isnít quite the "knock-off" she seems.
In IseQween's story "SPOILED," the spirit Tataka gets more than she bargained for when she takes possession of Gabrielle in the fourth season episode DEVI.

2005 Feb 27

In IseQween's story "MIRROR MINE," one of Xenaís first fans reflects on the unwanted lesson she received about the benefits and perils of hero worship during the episode A DAY IN THE LIFE.

2005 Jan 24

In IseQween's story "SHOW ME," a young runaway bears witness to events that turn Xena toward becoming the Destroyer of Nations, as revealed in the episode DESTINY. Please enjoy.

2005 Jan 2

In "GREENER PASTURES TWO: A HORSEíS TALE END," Argo reviews the highs and lows of her life with the humans she adopted in "GREENER PASTURES - A HORSEíS TALE." Please enjoy.


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