Warnings: This story contains explicit sexual content involving adult women. If you shouldn’t be reading this for legal or moral reasons—don’t. There is no plot to this story—it’s just an excuse to write about sex. There is no violence in this text but it does contain profanity.

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The Pit

July 2003


Thursday, July 3. I had no desire to work. I would be off Friday, but after wasting the morning I decided to start the weekend even earlier so I could stretch a three-day holiday into three and a half days. I left work just as most people were starting to think about lunch. The university had a policy for professional staff that failed to recognize half days. The rule allowed us to count a full day after we worked at least two hours. If I worked less than two hours, I had to use a whole vacation day. It was a good plan. Of course, the rule also stated that there was no overtime. It is supposed to all even out in the end. In truth the university came out ahead most of the time as I often worked more than eight hours a day and weekends. This time I decided, the policy would work in my favor.


I had nothing planned. I figured I’d go home early and surprise my wife by taking her to lunch. Later I’d put some time into working in the yard – a chore that is usually left to Cassie with my busy schedule.


I recorded a voice mail message explaining my absence to anyone who worked through the weekend and expected to find me in. I forwarded my email to my home account and I was out of there.


The 15-minute drive home turned into a half an hour as traffic crawled through the city. Apparently I was not the only one taking the day off. As I turned the corner onto our street I saw Cassie pushing a loaded wheelbarrow into the neighbor’s driveway. The tire on the cart looked almost flat from the weight of the load. Even after 12 years together, just the sight of Cassie could still make my pulse quicken. I could see her muscles flexed and straining. Her arms were so well defined - round shoulders that stopped just before the arm protruded with a slightly bulging bicep. When Cassie found her arms starting to develop from the landscaping she did, she really put the effort in to make them look good. Now they were as solid as any athlete’s. As the car drew closer, I was surprised to see she didn’t have a bra on and her t-shirt was soaked in sweat. We don’t usually wear the uncomfortable undergarments in the house, but Cassie was too shy to go in public without one. The sight of her breasts hanging freely created a tightening between my legs.


 She smiled, surprised to see me driving up. I brought the car to a stop as she set the wheelbarrow down and walked to the street, my wide, lecherous grin beckoning her.


“What are you doing home?”


“I took the afternoon off. What’s going on?” I said, looking at the load of broken bricks and rubble.


“I was going to surprise you. I cleaned out the pit. Lucy said she could use the brick to fill her ditch. Wait ‘til you see it.”


“The ditch?”


“No goof! The pit.”


The pit was an old brick barbecue area that had been standing in our back yard since before we bought the house 10 years ago. It stretched about 12 feet wide and four feet deep. There was a chimney on the back, but someone had filled it with cement before we bought the place. The sides of the pit were hollow under the brick walls and top. The structure served no purpose other than to attract wild animals that nested and upset our dogs. We had finally gotten tired of it and over the past month we had gone after it with sledge hammers, busting it down piece by piece, until it lay in a pile of rumble. The destruction had been exhilarating, the sight of Cassie swinging the heavy hammer intoxicating. But after we smashed all the stone, we lost our enthusiasm and for the past two weeks the pile had laid there, waiting for one of us to clean it up.


My smile showed my pleasure at her taking the initiative to complete this project. “Come show me,” I urged as I put the car back in gear.


“I told Lucy I’d take this load to the back yard for her. Let me dump it and then I’ll be there. She can come and get the rest. Go change clothes but don’t go look at it until I get there,” she said, wiping the sweat that was running down her face and dripping from her chin.


I changed into baggy basketball shorts and a ribbed tank top. Fifteen minutes later Cassie wasn’t back yet. I opened a bottle of beer and started out the front door to go get my wife when I saw her hugging Lucy and turning toward me. Cassie was always affectionate with her friends. She embraced people the way most of us shook hands. I usually wasn’t jealous. But then Cassie usually wasn’t braless in a thread-bare, nearly wet t-shirt. I noticed Lucy watching my wife for a minute too long as Cassie came bouncing up the driveway.


Cassie hopped on the porch and grabbed my hand to lead me to the back yard, so proud of her work she was about to burst.


“It looks great, honey,” I said.


I reached around her to wrap her in a hug but her arms shot out to stop me, hitting my chest just above my breasts.


“Oh honey, I’m gross,” she said.


She moved to the hose and turned it on, then bent to get a drink of the cold water. She was still talking about all she’d done, but I wasn’t listening. I couldn’t focus my eyes and ears at the same time and right now, my eyes were in control. Her tanned arms and legs glistened with sweat. Her lips puckered as she sucked water from the hard stream of the hose. Her worn, red t-shirt stuck to her skin and drew my attention to her breasts.

She caught the wicked look in my eye, sparking with desire in the afternoon sun. I took the hose from her and dropped it to the ground. I moved her hands over my shoulders to clasp behind my neck, ignoring her protests about her dirty condition. Her neck was sweaty and tasted salty when I kissed it. I pulled away and bent my head to kiss her left breast through her t-shirt.


“What are you doing!”


Cassie’s eyes frantically searched the neighboring yards, including Lucy’s, as I watched her nipple tighten under my lips. 


“I’m trying to show you my appreciation for your hard work,” I smirked. I pushed her arms away again and bent my head to the right nipple, squeezing it with my lips so that both now stiffened under the shirt. She breathed in deep and exhaled with a shudder.


“Mmmmm, let’s go inside and you can really show me,” she purred. “Lucy is going to be coming back any minute to get the rest of this.”




My stern tone shocked her.


“Hon-ey.  Come on. I need to shower first,” she argued.


Quick as a whip I reached down and grabbed the hose.


“I’ll take care of that,” I paused “and then I’ll make you sweaty all over again.”


“Don’t you...”


Before she could finish her warning, I turned the hose on her, hitting her neck and chest. The cold water took her breath away. Her nipples became fully erect and very visible through the soaked cotton.


She screamed at the shock of the cold water hitting her hot skin. As quickly as I had sprayed her, I dropped the hose and lunged forward, wrapping my arms around her to pin her arms to her sides and prevent any retaliation.


I couldn’t suppress my laughter at the stunned look on her face.


“What’s wrong? ” I asked. “You said you wanted a shower. I was just trying to help.”


“You. Will. Pay.”


She tried to look mad but she couldn’t hide the tiny smile at the corners of her mouth.


Still holding her arms to her sides, I pushed her and made her walk backwards, stopping when her back hit the chain-link fence. Taking her hands again I stretched her arms wide to each side and wound her fingers into the open links. My fingers curled around hers so she couldn’t let go of the fence. She looked frightened, realizing what I had in mind. I met her lips in a hungry kiss before she could object.


I licked her lips, tasting more sweat. I felt her panic rising, her body tensing as we heard a screen door bang next door. I pressed my mouth against hers again, harder this time. Her eyes were searching for whichever neighbor had come outside. She was trying to tell me to stop, trying to pull away to look over into Lucy’s yard, but I wouldn’t stop kissing her. I pushed my tongue in her mouth and ground my body against hers – arms against arms, breasts against breasts, stomachs smashed together and my pubic bone pushing into hers. I felt the stir from my lips to my groin and rubbed myself against her as I continued to rapidly explore her mouth with my tongue. I sucked her tongue hard into my mouth. Finally her body started to override her mind and I could tell she wanted to surrender. Her brain said stop, but her mouth kissed me back and her tongue lunged toward the back of my throat. If she really wanted to stop, she would, but I wasn’t going to make it easy.


Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lucy walking toward us. She started to wave, then stopped when she realized what I was doing. She might spend the day gardening with Cassie and having coffee or lunch, but I needed her to know that’s all she was entitled to. As I saw her looking at us, I decided to let her know completely that Cassie was mine.


I turned my attention back to my wife. I let go of her left hand and began massaging her breast, my lips still locked on hers. I pinched the nipple then slid my hand between us to rub the front of her shorts. She moaned into my mouth.


After a minute, her free hand stopped my roaming fingers. She groaned. “Honey, please, we can’t.”


“Why?” My fingers found her nipple again and began gently pinching it.


“Lucy will see us,” she kissed me. “Come on,” she kissed again. “Let’s go inside,” she kissed one last time, letting me know she wasn’t opposed to an afternoon of sex, just my choice of location.


I put her hand back on the fence.


“No,” I said, pressing into her again. I looked over her shoulder, delighted to see Lucy pretending not to watch, but knowing she couldn’t resist. “Lucy went back inside,” I lied.


“Keep your hands on the fence,” I breathed in her ear, then sucked the lobe into my mouth. “Just this once, let yourself go. Just let it happen.”


“Someone’s going to see,” she objected. “Lucy will be…”


I didn’t let her finish. I kissed her again then let go of her hands and pulled her shirt up, fully exposing her breasts. I brought my lips to first one naked nipple and then the other, moving back and forth, licking the dark circles and sucking a little harder each time I switched breasts. Her eyes were squeezed shut tight, but she held on. She wouldn’t admit how excited she was at the thought of doing this outside, but I could feel something different in her arousal. My wife loved mischief as much as I did, she just didn’t like to acknowledge it. She needed to be pulled along, needed me to be making it happen so she could pretend she was more innocent than she was.


“I don’t care about Lucy,” I whispered, glancing up to see our neighbor now staring at us with wide eyes. The idea of being watched set me on fire and brought my devilish streak out in full force. I made a point of locking Lucy’s eyes just before I wrapped my lips around a nipple again.


“Ohhh God,” Cassie moaned, forgetting about the neighbor as my tongue swirled over and around the nipple, squeezing and pulling it with my lips. Cupping her whole breast I sucked as much of it into my mouth as I could.


I made loud slurping sounds on her breast, now wanting Lucy to hear. “Mmmm. If I touch you, will you be slippery?”


I felt Cassie tense again at the thought of me actually fucking her in outside.


“Please. Take me inside. I’ll do whatever you want. Just, please honey, inside.”


I slipped my hand under the waistband of her shorts and underwear, curling my fingers through the hair and sliding my middle finger between her swollen folds to find her even wetter than I imagined. I stroked her slowly from front to back and forward again, spreading the creamy liquid that was running into my hand. She couldn’t help but press into me as I skimmed over her clit, gently rubbing it.


“Inside here?” I said as my fingers pressed into her. “Aaahh yesss” I said as my finger just barely pressed around her opening, promising to enter.


Her jaw was clenched. Her eyes were still shut tight. She was stiff with tension.


“Do you really want me to stop?”


I didn’t wait for her to answer. I slid my finger all the way inside her and moved my thumb over her clit.


My finger moved in and out, pushing deeper, causing her hips to move with me, silently urging me on. She pumped harder and I put a second finger in her, curling it up slightly to find her G-spot. I rubbed the rippled interior, pressed my fingers hard against it and rubbed. I pulled my hand back and thrust in again quickly.


“Tell me to stop and I will.”


“No.” She was so quiet I could barely hear her.


“No what?”


 I stroked that sweet spot faster, my arm down her shorts and my hand deep inside her.


“Don’t stop.”


With that I pulled her shirt up again with my free hand and bent down to bite her nipple, gently at first but increasingly harder as her hips thrust faster against my fingers. I felt the muscles inside her begin to tighten. Finally I was biting her nipple hard, sucking it and her flying hips were causing the whole fence to jingle and sway.


I added a third finger in her and squeezed her breast so I could take the whole thing in my mouth again. My cheeks sucked, my tongue swirled and I bathed her breast. I pressed my thumb against her clit as I thrust my fingers in as far as I could and pulled back. Quickly, I pushed in again. And again. And again. She pushed back each time I pushed forward.


She started to make sounds that weren’t really words. I knew if the whole neighborhood came out we couldn’t stop. She let go of the fence and grabbed my head, bringing my mouth to hers for a kiss that smashed lips and teeth together with bruising pressure. I thrust my fingers hard once more, shoving my tongue deep into her mouth at the same time. Her inner walls clamped down around my hand and I felt her throbbing. She held my wrist to stop my motion. Her body trembled, clenching my fingers tightly.


Our kisses softened as her climax relaxed.


She stood panting, her eyes still closed as I pulled my hand from her shorts.


I glanced around and grinned as I saw Lucy just then turning away to go back into her house.


I laughed. Cassie opened her eyes and caught my impish smile.


“What?” she asked.


It was then I realized the hose was still running and we were standing in a puddle.


“Seems I got my shoes all wet,” I said.


“Bet that’s not all of you that’s wet,” she sneered. “Come on.” She took my hand and pulled me toward the house. “What I want to do now, we definitely aren’t doing outside.”


“Ok, you win,” I said, as she led me toward the house. “I wouldn’t want anyone to think you’re an exhibitionist.”


The End

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