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Light in the Dark


Cam Taylor


D ays turned into weeks, weeks into months. Eve had disappeared out of my life. At first I told myself she was probably out of town on business, but as January turned into February, then February into March, I realised I had more than hurt her, I had driven her away.

At first I was upset, then hurt, then came anger. I thought of going around to her apartment, but what was the point? I was, after all, a prostitute and she a client. She had paid for my company, had never indicated she wanted more, or felt more for me than she should.

During the summer months, business was good. I built up a client list. The casino turned out to be a good place to go for business, and with the days staying lighter for longer and the weather being much nicer, I had money rolling in. But the fact that I could pay all my bills, fill my fridge, freezer, and cupboards, and be able to have a few luxuries, didn't stop the ache in my heart at what I had lost. I missed Eve and thought about her constantly.

One warm Thursday evening, I was just leaving the casino after playing the role of good luck charm to a sweet, older man, when I was approached by a nervous-looking businessman. He was a little overweight and his pale blonde hair was thinning, but he looked nice enough. In this line of business you have to be careful. Bad things can happen. I've been lucky, but other women haven't.

“I...my company has organised a bonding weekend on board a cruise ship, and...” he took a deep, shaky breath, his eyes darting around nervously, “I heard you...” he cleared his throat. “I was wondering if...you...would accompany me?”

A whole weekend. After talking with Al, I had found out some of the prices escort agencies charge, and a whole weekend was going to cost this guy a lot.

“Three thousand pounds if it's for the whole weekend,” I replied, hoping to scare him off with a steep price.

“That includes uhm...sleeping...together?” he asked, his eyes raking up and down my body.

I forced myself not to shudder. “That will cost you extra, if and when it happens.” I watched as he leered at me and knew it was something he would be wanting. “Just remember protection. No condom, no sex.”

* * * * *

Nigel picked me up late on Friday afternoon and paid half my fee up front, then drove us to Dover, where a huge cruise ship was waiting to take us off to France. When Nigel asked if I had a passport, I almost fainted in surprise! I do have a passport. I've just never been anywhere. France would be my first trip and I just hoped it would live up to my ideals.

He parked, climbed out the car, and rushed around to my side, opening the door for me. He offered his hand and helped me out. “I uhh...I told people I was...bringing my girlfriend Ivy,” he stuttered. “Would you mind...”

“Not at all. You're paying me to be here, after all.” I smiled, hoping to relax him. “Just don't be surprised if I don't respond when you call me.” He smiled and looked relieved. I wondered who it was on board he was trying to impress.

Nigel offered his arm, then led us over to where two waiting crew men were standing to welcome us aboard. On board, the walls looked freshly painted and the decks were so well polished they almost sparkled. A smiling woman, who introduced herself as Barb (short for Barbara), dressed in a neatly pressed blue outfit, showed us to our cabin. I think she was on something, she sure acted like it!

It was a small cabin, or at least I thought it was small. I'm not an expert or anything, I'm not even sure if there are bigger or even smaller cabins available. I just know that as I walked in and saw it, I thought, Wow, it's kind of small for such a big ship. Our cabin had a double bed which took up most of the room space and a pine wardrobe on the left. A small bathroom, and I do mean small, was on the right as you walked in.

The oh-so-happy woman left us and I just managed to put my bag down before Nigel was all over me.

“I need to take the edge off before we go and meet all the pompous arseholes I work with,” he groaned, his clammy hands everywhere.

I managed to step back out of his grasp and away from his pawing. “Take off your clothes,” I told him, knowing if I let him carry on, he'd probably tear mine to pieces. He stripped as if his clothes were on fire, then stood panting and wide eyed as I slowly and neatly removed mine. I moved to stand in front of him. “I don't kiss on the mouth,” I told him seriously, while I had his attention.

“Okay, no problem.” His hands started wandering, roaming my naked body. “Ugh, God! You feel so good!”

I moved away from him again. “Condom?”

“In my bag.” Nigel walked over to where he had dropped his bag and unzipped it, pulling out a box. Ripping open the package, he held up the square of foil, then proceeded to open it.

“Let me,” I told him, taking the slimy rubber from the open foil. I didn't trust men to do it themselves. If I did it, I could make sure it wasn't broken and that they did actually have it on. Once he was ready, I climbed onto the bed. It creaked as I moved and I rolled my eyes, knowing it was going to make a lot of noise. I felt sorry for whoever had the cabin next to us.

Nigel lay on top of me, hot and sweaty already. He had some difficulty finding my opening and I began to wonder if maybe he was a virgin. I didn't ask though, I didn't want to upset him on our first day together. Finally, I had to guide him to me, it was getting embarrassing and we had to spend the whole weekend together yet. “Ohhh, yeah!” he groaned, as he finally pushed in. I held onto his shoulders as he got going, my thoughts drifting, as they normally do when I'm “working”. As predicted, the bed creaked noisily, and got worse as Nigel thrust faster. I don't know what was louder - the headboard against the paper thin wall, the damn creaking bed, or Nigel's “Ohhh, yeses!”. I started faking my pleasure, telling him how good he felt, begging for more, faking my orgasm, until he finished.

Getting up, we took turns showering, then dressed up fancy to go and meet his colleagues. While we had been...otherwise occupied, the ship had set off. I hadn't realised, the journey would be as smooth as you like. After seeing films on the tele involving people travelling on the sea, I was expecting to be rocking from side to side, or bobbing up and down.

Downstairs, men and women dressed up in expensive leisure clothes stood around in groups talking and drinking champagne. Nigel introduced me as Ivy, which seemed to work. At least no one questioned me or looked as though they had doubts. I got the impression Nigel had done a lot of bragging about “Ivy”. I got a load of comments about how good it was to finally meet me. The Captain appeared and, once getting everybody's attention, welcomed us on board, then told us dinner would be served at six p.m. sharp.

After finishing the free champagne, Nigel suggested we return to our room to get ready for the dinner. We took a long route, stopping to look around the large, impressive, ship. Nigel had a good sense of humour and turned out to be an interesting guy. We entered our cabin to the sounds of our neighbours on the left having, what sounded like, very passionate sex. Their headboard battered the thin wall, accompanied by their loud moaning and cries of, “YES!” and “OHHH, HARDER! MORE, YESSSS!”. Nigel and I couldn't help but giggle.

“Do you...think we were that loud?” Nigel whispered, a concerned frown on his brow.

I smirked. “Probably. The walls are paper thin.” By the look on his face, I didn't think we'd be having sex again that weekend.

Having been told by the Captain that dinner was to be a smart affair, I changed into an off-the-shoulders black dress. Nigel opted for a smart, navy-coloured suit. While we changed, our neighbours' activity came to a climatic end, leaving Nigel and myself stifling our laughter. I wondered who it was in the next room, then decided I didn't want to know. How could I face them and keep a straight face after that performance?

With my hair pinned up out of my face, and my make-up delicately applied, I was ready to go. Nigel made sure to grab our key and opened the door for me, I stepped out into the hallway and waited as he shut and locked the door.

Our neighbours' door opened and I turned to see a stunning redhead step out into the hallway. She shot a smile my way and I politely smiled back, even as images of what had gone on filtered into my head and caused me to blush. My smile slipped as a tall, dark-haired woman stepped out of the cabin behind the redhead. “Eve!” I gasped under my breath, my eyes wide in surprise.

Nigel finished locking our door and turned, wrapping an arm around my shoulders when he saw we weren't alone. “Peters, didn't know you were coming,” he directed at the two women.

Eve glanced at us, her blue eyes flicking from Nigel to me, capturing me in her intense gaze. “Uhh...hello, Nigel. I wasn't going to come, but I changed my mind at the last moment. This beauty must be Ivy, I take it.” She moved around the redhead and offered me her hand, which I shook and then reluctantly let go of. “It's nice to meet you.”

“You, too,” I managed to reply quietly. Who was the redhead?

“We were just heading down for dinner," Nigel mentioned. “Would you like to join us?”

Oh, God, no! I thought, but remained silent.

“Sure, we were heading that way ourselves.” Eve smiled politely and waved us onwards, the two women following after us.

* * * * *

I was mostly quiet over dinner, unless a question was directly at me. I was between Nigel and Eve, (can you imagine?), and I was so flustered I was surprised my hands didn't shake while I was eating. After our seven course meal (Seven!!! Can you believe that!), everyone was directed to a large ballroom, where a band had set up their instruments on a stage. The room was amazing. It had two ostentatious crystal chandeliers that really lit up the room, and a beautiful Canadian redwood floor. The tables and chairs reeked of money, so I wrote off getting a set for myself, even though the chairs were incredibly soft to sit upon.

We sat, once again, with Eve and her...date. During dinner I had realised Eve was of a higher position in the company Nigel worked for, and poor Nigel was desperately trying to impress her. The longer he prattled on, the more I noticed the tightening in Eve's jaw. I insisted Nigel dance with me, giving her a few moments of peace. Eve shot me a grateful look as I stood.

Eventually, I grew bored of Nigel's attempts at impressing Eve, and so did the redhead. She asked Eve to dance and they escaped. I watched them move fluidly with each other. They were an attractive pair, and despite having no claim to Eve, I felt jealous. I excused myself from Nigel, telling him I was going to get some air. He barely nodded, his attention on the two beautiful women dancing sensually together.

It was a warm evening and still light out, so I was surprised to find myself almost alone. I suppose everyone else was in the ballroom trying to impress their bosses. I walked to the front of the ship, or bow if you want the proper name, and leaned against the railing as I looked out at sea. It was very Titanic. I almost burst into song. I felt her presence before she leaned on the railing next to me. We stood in silence, watching the water below like it was the most fascinating thing ever.

Finally, I turned to look at her and found piercing blue eyes already on me. “I'm sorry about the things I said last time we were together,” I said softly, lost in her eyes.

A hint of a smile crossed Eve's lips. “It's okay.”

“No, it was...” I took a deep breath, knowing I should explain myself. Reaching out, I took her hand, lacing our fingers together. “Eve, the thing is...I like you. More than I should perhaps.” I searched her face for understanding. “The...night we met, when you took me to dinner, you treated me like a lady, you know. You took me to a fancy restaurant and had a go at the guy who gave me a dirty look, and when you dropped me off back home, you told me you weren't coming in. That's when I realised you were someone decent, and I...badly wanted to see you again.” I smiled and so did Eve. “Then...” I took a deep breath. “...you bought me a fancy dress and borrowed diamond earrings for me to wear, and took me to the theatre. Afterwards, without really thinking why, I wanted to spend the night with you, not because you paid, but because I wanted to.”

Eve moved closer to me and wrapped her arm around my shoulders, tucking me against her side, but she remained silent, happy to listen to me.

“I have a client, Al. He calls me when he comes into town and he's sort of become a friend to me,” I said, smiling softly. “He clued me in to my feelings.”

“Why didn't you tell me?” Eve asked quietly, turning her head to press her lips against my temple.

“I was...scared, I guess. You were paying for my time and I wasn't sure how you felt.”

Eve moved me in front of herself, my back to her front, her arms wrapping around me, her chin resting on my shoulder. It felt like heaven. “I like you, Jane. I like you a lot.”

I smiled, a delightful warmth filling me. “I like you, too, Eve. I've missed you so much these last few months,” I confessed, stroking the arms that encircled me.

“I've missed you. I...thought about you a lot.”

I looked up, eyes full of hope. “You have?”

She nodded her head, a smile curling her lips.

“I thought about you,” I chuckled. “Almost every day.” I turned in her arms and embraced her, breathing in her familiar scent. I sighed happily as her hands caressed my back. “What do we do now, Eve?” I asked nervously.

“Dance with me.”

“What? Where?” I asked, looking up in confusion.

Her eyes sparkled in amusement. “Dance with me right here, right now.”

We swayed to music only we could hear, holding each other as close as we could and relishing the contact. It was like the whole world disappeared and there was only us, Eve's warm arms around me, protecting and loving, her heart beating beneath my ear. I wanted to remain where I was forever.

“Jane,” she murmured, in an incredibly sexy, low tone.


“I don't want you to get mad, just hear me out, okay?”

“Okay,” I agreed, wondering what was about to come.

“You were recommended to me by a business client,” she said. “He told me he had met you at a casino and had enjoyed his evening with you, though he thought you were in the wrong line of business. He told me you were too sweet-natured to be a prostitute. His name is...”

“Al,” I finished for her, looking up into her eyes to confirm my thought. “That sneaky devil!” I smiled. “I'm glad you found me, Eve.”

“I would like to...uhm...date you, if that's...if that's something you would be interested in.”

I smiled, a big, bright, delighted, smile, and looked deeply into her nervous eyes. “I'm very interested.” Eve gave me one of the sweetest smiles I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Tilting my head back, I puckered up, waiting for her to kiss me.

Her soft lips met mine briefly, before she pulled away again. “I was hoping you would give up this side of your life,” she said softly.

“Eve, I...” I held her tightly, feeling tears flood my eyes and threaten to fall. We started to sway again. “I would love to,” I said quietly. “But...this is how I manage to get by.”

“How would you like to come and work for me?”

I pulled back fast, not sure I had heard her right. I met her eyes, my brow creased in confusion. “Work for you? Doing what?”

“How about...my personal assistant?” she asked wiggling her eyebrows. “Or my secretary?”

“I'm not qualified,” I protested sadly, desperately wanting to say yes.

“I'll get you on a course and send you off for training, and while you're doing that, you can work alongside my current secretary or assistant, whichever you choose to take up, and learn from her,” Eve offered.

“And what if things don't work out between us?”

“Once you're qualified, if things don't work out with us and you want to leave, I'll write you an outstanding reference and wish you all the best.”

Stepping close to her again, I rested my head on her shoulder, my eyes closed as I thought about what she was offering me. Eve made it sound so easy. So simple. I was definitely attracted to her, and Eve, I think, was attracted to me. We hadn't seen each other for months, but still she was offering me an amazing opportunity, the chance to change the direction my life was heading in. “Can I have some time to think about it?” I asked quietly, not wanting to rush in.

“Of course. It's a life changing decision. Take your time.”

We stopped swaying and looked into each others' eyes, lost. As one, our heads moved forward, our lips meeting and pressing softly together. The kiss quickly turned heated as the loss of the last few months hit us. Our lips parted, our tongues meeting and fighting sensuously; our hands wandered freely, exploring, caressing, pulling each other impossibly closer.

I stepped back, reluctantly breaking our heated clinch. “I should get back to Nigel,” I told her, though I didn't want to leave.

“Oh. Yes, right. I...I should get back also.” She brushed a hand through her hair as she glanced back in the direction we had come from. “I uhm...” she looked back at me. “I take it you're not really Ivy?”

I laughed and shook my head. “No. Poor Nigel.”

“Lucky me,” she quipped.

“And Diane?” I asked of the redhead, crossing my fingers behind my back.

Eve's cheeks coloured. “An escort.”

“That's nothing to be embarrassed about, Eve. I'm an escort now, I have a proper client list.” I took her arm and we made our way back, having to return to our dates, whether we really wanted to or not.

* * * * *

We tried to avoid each other, knowing how hard it would be to keep our hands off each other if we were close, and having to keep up the pretence of us not knowing each other was frustrating. We tried, but we weren't always successful. I went ice skating; and so did Eve.

While Nigel was playing golf with his bosses, and Diane was at the spa being pampered, Eve and I skated with each other. Well, I skated. Poor Eve held on to me for dear life. I tried not to laugh at her, but imagine this - a big butch squealing like a right girl - and now think how hard it was for me not to laugh. She was so cute as well with her little pout, sometimes I just couldn't help but laugh.

Of course, the tables turned when she insisted we try the on board rock-climbing. I'm not sure why they called it rock climbing as no rocks are involved. Why not call it wall climbing? Or fake wall climbing? Anyway, it was a horrid experience! I sucked at it, while Eve excelled and laughed at me. From her smug position at the top of the wall, she mumbled something about pay backs.

Saturday, we reached Boulogne. Nigel (bless him) in an attempt to impress Eve, his superior at work, invited her and Diane to sightsee with us. Nigel, carrying a tourist guidebook, suggested we go and see the impressive and very old Notre-Dame de Boulogne. Or church to you and me. With nothing else to do, we all agreed and off we went.

Nigel got us an official tour guide, who showed us around as she shared her knowledge; pity I was barely paying attention. Eve walked beside me and whenever all eyes were turned elsewhere, she caressed my back or bum.

“Notre-Dame de Boulogne is a basilica. The basilica was built between eighteen-twenty-seven and eighteen-seventy-five on the site of Boulogne's medieval cathedral with it's impressive hundred and one metre high dome,” the guide said, whilst we stood outside, looking up at said dome. “The site of modern Boulogne was occupied by the Romans and was used by the emperor Claudius as his base for the Roman invasion of Britain.”

We walked inside, Eve and me at the back of the small group; Eve with her hand on my bum. “You look beautiful today. It's driving me crazy!” she murmured in my ear. I was dressed smartly in an emerald shirt and white trousers; I looked every inch a tourist, but then so did Eve, who was dressed in tight jeans and a polo shirt. I smiled seductively up at her, then walked ahead, making sure to wiggle my hips.

“Notre-Dame was built to a new design and was inspired by both Classical and Renaissance styles, and bears many similarities to St. Paul's Cathedral.”

Eve pulled me into a shadowy corner and kissed me passionately, her hands slipping beneath my shirt and caressing up and down my back. “This whole weekend is stressing me out!” she growled in a low tone, nipping my ear lobe. “You're not sleeping with him, are you?”

Pushing my tongue into her mouth, I ground my hand between her legs. “Not that it's any of your business, darling, but no, I'm not sleeping with him.” She already knew that, the walls were so thin, she would have heard if I had slept with Nigel again. “And you? Are you...showing Diane the heights of passion?”

“No. I want you, only you.”

We kissed hotly, both aching for the other; our hands roaming frantically as we tried to get our fill of each other before we were discovered. I stepped back sharply, panting for breath, forcing myself not to react to the desire in her darkened blue eyes. “We have to get back,” I whispered. Though it was probably cruel, I looped my arm through hers and led her out of the shadows, intent on catching up to the others.

After the tour, we found a quaint little restaurant to eat in. I had a gorgeous, golden-baked baguette, with butter and cream cheese inside; it was so soft it almost melted in my mouth. I swear it was a little slice of heaven. Nigel had frogs' legs fried in garlic butter, or something. It was foul! So very foul! Seeing it was making me queasy, Eve sent him away to another table. Diane, Eve, and myself had a lovely girly French lunch, washed down with a glass (or two) of red wine.

After lunch it was on to shopping! Poor Eve and Nigel. They were such good sports, they didn't complain once...well, at least not until Diane and I had them carrying all our bags.

The weekend passed by quickly and the ship got back to Dover late on Sunday night. Nigel and I left the ship with Eve and Diane, the four of us having become friends, sort of. We talked about meeting up and going for lunch or something.

While Nigel headed for his car with my shopping bags, I stood with Eve, wanting to say something, but not sure what. It didn't help that Diane was standing there waiting.

Eve handed her car keys over to the redhead. “I'll be along shortly, I just need to...” she trailed off, and I wondered if she had told Diane about us. As Diane left, Eve looked at me and smiled. “I hate parting like this, not being able to...hug you or kiss you the way I want to.”

Smiling, I stepped forward and hugged her. “Friends hug all the time, I think we can get away with it.”

“I'll be by to see you as soon as I can,” she whispered in my ear.

“Come by my flat. I don't work the street any more,” I told her, watching her nod, then turn to leave.

Nigel dropped me off at the top of my street. I didn't want him knowing where I lived. Not that he wasn't a nice guy, but, it's private, you know? It was good thinking on my part too, because Nigel enquired about seeing me again. I happily told him I was getting out of the life.

* * * * *

Eve came round on Friday night. We were sitting on my sofa, or rather, she was sitting on my sofa, I was sitting on her lap, talking about my plans for the future.

It was while we were necking (like total teenagers!), that my mobile started ringing. Looking at the display, I saw it was one of my clients; a bank manager, who liked...never mind what he liked. “Ugh! One second, babe, it's a client,” I told Eve. “Hello, Edward,” I greeted cheerfully, though not feeling very cheerful.

Jane, I have a favour to ask.

I frowned at that. What client rings up asking for a favour? “No, I will not start up a tab for you,” I joked, trying to ease my concern.

Edward laughed. “ A friend of my son is looking for...a good time. It's his birthday today and the boys are looking to help him out.

“A virgin?” I questioned.

I should say so, yes. He's rather shy and nervous. I thought of you because you're such a gentle soul, I thought you'd be gentle with him.

I looked at Eve apologetically, about to say no to Edward and tell him I was leaving the business. “Look, Edward, I would but I'm getting out. I've been offered an office job, so I'm leaving all this behind.”

Can't you do this one last job? ” he pleaded. “ As a favour to me? I'll pay you double your rate.

I was getting out, but double my fee would be rainy day money, or money I could put towards buying Eve a gift. “All right, but this is it. Where do you want me to go?”

They have a room at a hotel on Stamford Street, ” Edward said. “ I can have a car pick you up.

“No, no, that's all right. I'll have someone drive me over,” I told him. The last thing I wanted was to be stuck somewhere I didn't know, without a way of quickly getting away. I just hoped Eve would agree to drive me. “Have your son, or whoever, come outside to meet me. I'm not going through with this without having the money up front, or at least half.”

Understood. Thank you for this, Jane. I really appreciate it. I'll have your double fee transferred into your account.

“Thanks. Bye.” I hung up and leaned back into Eve, smiling as her arms wrapped around me. “It's not fair. I had such plans for you.”

“You don't have to go, Jane. If you're short on money, I'll help you out.”

“It's not that I need the money, I'm doing it as a favour. That guy Edward was always great to me, always gave a little extra, you know? Now it's some kid's birthday and he's shy and awkward.” I blew out a frustrated breath of air. “Will you...give me a lift? Edward offered to have a car pick me up, but that's the last thing I want.”

“Of course, sweetheart. I'll even park and wait for you to...conclude your business.”

Isn't she so sweet? Conclude my business, not “wait for you to finish being some guy's good time” or “I'll wait while you lie back and think of England”. She said it in the nicest way she could think, just to make me feel special. I leaned forward, closing the small gap between us and covered her lips with my own, teasing her lips with my tongue. “You don't have to,” I said, though I really, really wanted her to wait.

“I know, but I want to.”

* * * * *

Eve parked opposite the hotel, a nice one by the looks of it, and we saw these two guys waiting out front, looking this way and that, bouncing about in nervous excitement.

Undoing my seat-belt, I let out a deep breath. “Okay,” I said, more to myself than to Eve, trying to get up the enthusiasm I needed to get through whatever lay ahead. “I better go make sure they're the ones.”

“I'll come with you,” Eve said, climbing out of her car and hurrying around to my side to open the door. “Only across the road, I meant, not actually...you know...” she blushed.

I smiled and squeezed her arm as I climbed as gracefully as I could out of the car. “Thank you, honey. I really appreciate it.” We walked across the road together, and came to a stop away from the two waiting young men, away from the watching doorman.

The two young men headed our way, one looking incredibly nervous, the other looking cocky. They came to a stop near us. The dark-haired man's eyes roamed down my body hungrily. “It's my friend's birthday,” he said conversationally. I guess just in case I wasn't the gal they were waiting for. “Interested in showing him a good time?”

I looked at the nervous young man next to the tall, imposing one, and wondered how it was they were friends. His mousy brown hair was sticking up and out at the sides, like he had been running his fingers nervously through it; his hands were twisting the bottom of his untucked shirt. “Just your friend?” I asked, hoping so. Edward hadn't said anything about a group of young men, who, no doubt, thought they were God's gift to women. An unsure virgin I could handle, arrogant show-offs would be a problem.

“There's a couple of us. If we need any...attention, we have cash.”

Looking at them I came to a decision. This was it, I decided, this would be my last trick, then I would start my new life with Eve, and my new career. “Okay,” I nodded my assent. “You have the money?” I hated doing this in front of Eve. I knew she was tense and apprehensive, I got the feeling ever since I hung up my phone call with Edward.

The arrogant one smirked. “Yeah.” His attention turned to Eve, standing stoic beside me. “Your friend included?”

Eve growled in his direction. “No,” I answered quickly, my hand going to her back and rubbing soothingly up and down. “She's my...bodyguard.” I held out my hand for the money, wiggling my fingers as they didn't seem to comprehend.

“Yeah, right,” the dark-haired man snorted. “Like I'm going to hand over any money now.”

I sighed, already irritated by him. I just knew he was going to be the one I would have problems with. “Money for your friend now. If you or your friends want anything, it'll be cash up front.”

His amused look slipped, a dark one replacing it. “Fine. Bill, pay the...woman.”

Bill's eyes widened as he looked from his friend to me. “I...uhm...I'm sorry, I don't...” he cleared his throat. “How much?”

“Five hundred for intercourse.”

The dark-haired man scowled. “That's expensive. We could have got a street whore for far less.”

“I can afford to be expensive,” I snapped. “I'm an escort, I have a select client list; you aren't on my list. I'm doing this as a favour.”

“Fine, fine,” he grumbled. “Hurry up, Billy-boy, so we can get going.”

“Jane, can I speak with you a moment?” Eve interrupted, fingers wrapping around my arm and leading me away before I could respond. She pulled me away from their listening ears. “Don't do this, sweetheart,” she pleaded. “Something...” she frowned and shook her head. “Something is not quite right. I get a bad vibe from them. Well, one of them anyway.”

She was right. I got a bad vibe from arrogant guy as well, but I had Bill or Billy's money now, I at least owed him a good time; then I could leave and come back to Eve, the rest of the night ours. “It'll be fine, darling,” I whispered, loud enough for her ears only. “This is my last job. I...I'm going to take your offer of a job, and I want to date you exclusively. I want to be with you and you alone.” I desperately wanted to kiss her, but the two young men were watching. “See you soon,” I smiled, turning to walk back to the two waiting guys.

“I'll be right here waiting for you to get back,” Eve called out. I'm not sure whether to remind me, or to let the two guys know she would be around.

I don't remember much after that, my memories of the night are fuzzy; though I do have....

* * * * *

“Hey, sweetheart. We're home.” Vivian Moore carried her sleepy son into her home. After an adventurous day out, the four year old was exhausted and barely able to keep his eyes open. Walking into the living room, the businesswoman smiled as she found her wife exactly where they had left her sitting that morning. “Hi, honey,” she greeted softly, bending to kiss the blonde's head. “Say goodnight to Mark, he's going to bed.”

Carly Moore smiled and set her lap-top aside to take her son into her arms. Hugging him tightly, she kissed the top of his dark head. “Goodnight, baby boy.” As Vivian bent to pick him back up, Carly kissed her cheek. She felt raw and exposed, needing contact with those she loved to remind herself of where she was.

Vivian gave her wife a curious look. “I'll be right back, sweetheart.”

As the dark-haired woman left the room with their son in her arms, Carly reached out for her lap-top, again reading over the words.

“Come on, Mark, it doesn't take all night to wash up,” Vivian called out to the little boy. “Do you need help brushing your teeth?”


Smiling, Vivian waited, just knowing the four year old was creating a mess for her to clean up. He didn't mean to, but whenever he went near the toothpaste, he somehow got it everywhere; his habit of squeezing it far too tightly, she guessed.

The dark-haired little bundle of energy raced into his bedroom, dropping clothes as he went. “Is mummy sad?” Mark asked, as Vivian helped him with his pyjamas.

“Why do you ask, son?”

“She looked sad and she hugged me tight.” Ready for bed, Mark crawled into his car-shaped bed.

Vivian sat down on the edge of the mattress and brushed a loving hand though his short locks. “Sometimes bad things happen in our lives and memories come back to make us sad,” she explained. “Next time mummy looks sad, you wrap your arms around her and hug her right back.” Leaning over, she kissed her son's head. “Goodnight, monster munch.”

The little boy giggled. “Goodnight, ma.”

Vivian stood from the bed and walked over to the door, switching off the main overhead light and turning on Mark's night light, then quietly left the already sleeping boy's bedroom. She detoured to the kitchen and poured herself a scotch and Carly a glass of chilled strawberry milk, before heading for the living room. “Here you go, sweetheart,” she said, holding out the glass of strawberry milk.

“Ohhh, thank you, darling.” Carly quenched her thirst, before settling back against the cushions she had propped behind her, a sigh falling from her lips as she got comfortable. She watched her wife head towards the armchair on the left. “Sit with me?” she asked softly, wanting Vivian close to her.

Vivian smiled lovingly. “I was hoping you would ask.” Walking back to the sofa, she took Carly's glass and set it down on their ebony coffee table, then slid in behind the blonde, pulling Carly back against her chest. “Rough day?” she asked, wrapping her arms around her wife's waist.

“I...I'm nearly finished.”

Vivian kissed Carly's head. “Bad memories,” she stated.

“And good,” Carly replied, turning her head to kiss Vivian's neck. “Good memories about our early days.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Uhm-hmm. Do you...do you want to read it?”

There was a moment of silence as Vivian thought about it. “Okay. If it's all right with you?”

“I'd like you to. Lindsey said I should write down my thoughts and perhaps share, she said it would help me find closure.” The blonde wasn't so sure, but since everything else the therapist had said and done so far had worked, she figured she'd try writing everything down.

Looking over Carly's shoulder, Vivian took control of the lap-top and started reading her wife's story. “Jane Doe?” she chuckled.

“Yeah, I...I didn't want people knowing my name, you know, if this ever fell into the wrong hands.”

“I understand. Did you change my name too?”

“Yes, I've called you Eve Peters.”

Pressing a kiss against Carly's neck, Vivian continued reading. She held her wife tightly as she read about why Carly decided to do what she did, and her first experience with ‘Al'. She laughed as she read about their first meeting. “You wanted to sleep with me that first night!”

Carly laughed. “God, yes! You, my love, are gorgeous. And it didn't hurt that you were kind and nice to me as well.”

Vivian chuckled. “So that's why you married me,” she murmured. She laughed aloud as she read about ‘Barrett'. “You have old Brandon down to a t!” she commented.

Carly lovingly caressed her wife's thighs on either side of her, smiling as Vivian shifted a couple of times. Her head fell back against a strong shoulder, a content sigh escaping her lips as Vivian covered her full breasts, gently kneading the sensitive mounds.

“God, sweetheart!” Vivian moaned, the story forgotten. “The things you do to me!” she suckled Carly's ear lobe.

“Me! What about what you do to me?”

Releasing the blonde's ear lobe, Vivian trailed soft, hot kisses down Carly's neck instead. “What...do...I...do?” she asked huskily.

Groaning, Carly once again put the lap-top aside, then took Vivian's hand, guiding it down her body and inside her jogging bottoms. She moaned aloud, hips jerking as her wife cupped her sex. “See...how wet...you make me?” She gasped as Vivian's fingers glided through her slick desire.

Knowing her wife was already close to peaking, Vivian firmly caressed Carly's throbbing, hard clit. Fingers curled around her thighs, tightening, as Carly arched up, shuddering and finally crying out in release. Vivian wrapped her arms around her wife, saying nothing as Carly quietly sobbed. She smiled, as beneath her hands, their soon-to-arrive second child kicked and moved about. “I think we woke her up.”

Recovered from her hasty climax, Carly smiled, covering her wife's hands with her own. “Why are you so sure we're having a little girl?”

“I'm not. Just wishful thinking I guess.” Vivian kissed Carly's head. “Come on, let's go to bed.”

Carly shook her head. “I'll join you soon. I just want to finish this so I can move on finally.”

“I can wait,” Vivian offered.

“No, it's okay, love. You must be tired after a busy day with Mark, hmm?”

Vivian pulled herself up, stretching as she stood. “A little. Mark's got far too much energy!” she joked.

Carly laughed. “You wait until this little one joins us,” she said, caressing her stomach. “Then you're in trouble!”

Vivian smiled, as she bent to kiss Carly's head. “Don't be too long, I have plans for you.”

Left alone, Carly picked up the lap-top and got herself settled; reading back her last sentence, as she tried to get her thoughts together.

* * * * *

I woke up in the hospital, battered, bruised, and aching. Eve was asleep in an uncomfortable looking plastic chair next to my bed, holding my bruised right hand. My left, I noticed, was in a cast. What the hell happened? was my first thought.

Though I desperately wanted to know, I was reluctant to wake Eve. She looked terrible, her clothes rumpled, dark smudges beneath her eyes telling me she hadn't been sleeping properly. I wondered how long I had been in the hospital and how I had gotten from the hotel to a hospital.

I turned my attention to my body, doing my own assessment of my injuries. Wiggling my toes didn't hurt, and the fact I could wiggle my toes told me I had no broken bones down there. I breathed in deeply and that hurt, my right hand was bruised and cut, my left arm was in a cast, so obviously broken. My head ached, but until someone told me, I couldn't be sure if it too was injured. I shifted and that's when the real pain hit, a fire burning through my lower half, between my legs to be precise.

My hiss of pain woke Eve, who shot up in the chair, blue eyes darting this way and that until they finally settled on me. “Jane?” she murmured, almost in disbelief. “You're awake. Are you okay, sweetheart? Do you need anything? Try not to move too much, the doctor said you'd be hurting.” She stood up. “I should get a nurse or doctor.”

“Wait,” I called out, before she could rush off. “Honey, what happened? How did I get here?”

Her face paled and she slumped back down into her seat. “What...do you remember?”

I frowned in concentration as I tried to think about what I knew. “You...drove me to the hotel and we met with those two guys outside. I...it's all...fuzzy after that. I think...I think we had some drinks, I remember one of the guys handing me a glass of vodka, I think it was. There was music and it was loud.” I searched her face for signs of what had gone on. “Eve? How did I get here?”

“You were gone a long time, so long I started to worry about you, but I couldn't exactly go charging into the hotel to look for you. I waited and waited and time passed and then...then that kid Billy came running over to where I was pacing. He was all beaten up and bleeding, and while I was trying to find out what had happened to him, he blurted out that the other guys had hurt you, they had hurt you real bad and he couldn't do anything to make them stop. He'd had to wait until they left the room and he wasn't sure...” her voice broke. “...he wasn't sure if you were...okay.”

“You...found me?” I asked, watching her nod in answer. “What did you see?”

“Jane, I don't...I don't want to tell you. If you don't remember, there's a reason your brain has stopped you knowing.” Eve stood up. “Let me get a doctor.”

* * * * *

As I recovered in hospital, fragments of memories came to me now and then. Eve didn't know what had happened, or if she did, she wouldn't tell me. She knew. I could tell from the way I would catch her looking at me, her look haunted as she tortured herself with if onlys. The birthday boy, Billy, went to the police and told them everything. It turns out that everything started off nice and cheerful, but when I refused mister arrogant intercourse without protection, he turned nasty. The other guys started demanding acts I would never participate in, and when I tried to leave, that was the turning point. One of them punched me hard in the face, knocking me to the floor and they turned into animals. I won't go into details, you don't need to know what they did; just know that I wouldn't wish what they did to me on my worst enemy.

Anyway, Eve asked me to move in with her and she nursed me back to full health. When nightmares haunted me and kept me from sleeping, she sat up with me, holding me, listening to my outrage, and soothing me as I sobbed. She paid for a therapist, a gentle woman called Lindsey, who had become a therapist after suffering something horrific herself. She helped me a great deal and slowly I learned to come to terms with what had happened.

Eve proposed, telling me she wanted me in her life forever, and things were looking up.

When I found out I was pregnant, my world collapsed again. The fact I had a monster's child within me almost led me to suicide, but Eve connected me to reality. She loved me and convinced me it would all work out. She told me the ultimate decision was mine to make, but whatever I chose to do, she would stand by me.

After much thought, after torturing myself with pros and cons, I decided to keep the baby. It wasn't the child's fault what had happened, and Eve and I had talked about having children. Admittedly, not so soon in our relationship, but circumstances had forced our hand.

Eve and I married, surrounded by all our friends. I wore a beautiful dress supplied by Barrett, taken out a little to accommodate my growing stomach. Eve offered to take me anywhere in the world for our honeymoon; I opted for Rome, the most romantic city in the world, or at least I think so. Mark was born early on a Tuesday morning in May, and Eve dotes on him, she doesn't care how he came to be, and proudly calls him her son. He looks a lot like her, funnily enough.

Four years on, we're a happy family and are soon to be a family of four. I'm expecting again, due to give birth soon in fact. A daughter. I haven't told Eve, she doesn't want to know, though she has been saying all along I'm having a girl; I think she'll be delighted.

I'll never be able to thank Eve for all that she has done for me, never be able to repay her for all the love she gives me. Even when I was an escort and felt I didn't deserve love, she wouldn't have it. She is my light in the dark, the one who guides me and loves me no matter what. Eve is the type of partner everyone wishes for, but is rarely found. I thank whoever is above for sending Eve my way, and I thank Eve for showing me that everyone deserves to be loved.

* * * * *

Carly finished typing and smiled as she shut the lap-top lid. Getting up from the sofa, she found that she felt lighter, like a weight had been lifted from her. She knew she was ready to close that chapter of her life and move on. She had a family who loved her, a partner who gave her anything she wished for, and friends who gave her all the support they could. Now, to get to bed. My darling wife has been patient enough.

The End.




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