I never thought I would go one day;

I can’t believe I’m going,

but it seems I’ll be at the Con in May

and my eagerness is growing.



I’ve been a Trekker for thirty five years,

and still I’ve never gone;

they seemed so silly, those conventioneers

dressed up like Spock or Khan.



Then a show called Xena sucked me in

I couldn’t resist; I was hooked,

(I’ve even dreamed she’s tucked me in!)

and now my room is booked!



I’m going to see LL and Renee;

It’s gonna be really nifty.

While I’m there I’m sure I’ll play

even though I’m over fifty.



I’m going to be there, that’s the plan;

Yeah, I’ll be in Pasadena,

I’ll watch and enjoy, take it all in,

but I won’t go dressed as Xena.



Ellie Maziekien



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