Another Day in an Ordinary Life
(Part 2 of the Ordinary series)

by EvelynC © January 2005

Foreword: For Carol - I love to see her laugh.

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Two women were sitting up in bed reading. The sun was shining through the window blinds. Sheets of a newspaper were strewn over the bed and on the bedroom floor. Colourful inserts and magazines from the same paper testified to the superior print of junk advertising over world news. One of the women yawned.

Among the items on the floor were empty cups and breakfast plates holding only crumbs. An hour later, everything was still in the same place, occupants of the bed included.

"We should get up, it's almost noon." Said Dee, the dark-haired butch.

"OK. Don't forget the laundry." Muttered Ella without looking at her partner.

Taking a deep breath, Dee flipped the comforter, which also took along all the papers on the bed. Before Ella could fuss, Dee jumped on her and proceeded to kiss her sloppily.

Laughing, Ella weakly tried to push her off. "Stop!" Dee grinned as she hunched over on all fours over Ella. Then, she started bouncing on the bed. "Get…up…now. Come …on."

Swinging her arms around her partner, Ella challenged, "Make me."

Slowly and deliberately, Dee kissed her again. The buttons on Ella's pajama top easily came undone under Dee's fingers. When the body it covered was unmasked, Dee's mouth joined her hands as they played with Ella's breasts.

"That's … not going to make me get up." Ella's voice was thick with arousal.

"It will, when I stop … now." And Dee quickly scampered into the bathroom.

After a playful shower, she got Ella out of the apartment, and into the mall.

"Why are we here, again?" Dee groused.

"Because we're going to see the Phantom and do some shopping."

"Shopping? But we just paid off the credit card bills."

"Grocery shopping then. We love doing that together." Ella hugged her side.

After the movie, Ella decided to take a detour to buy some lingerie. She picked out a couple of boxer shorts for Dee, and some socks - they never last with Dee's boots - and bras for herself. She asked Dee to follow her inside the fitting room.

As she tried on the bras, she pointedly kept her eyes away from the side mirrors but the harsh overhead lighting was unforgiving. It showed every fold of flesh, cellulite mark and bulge. Dee was a dutiful audience, she even pinched her bum and kissed her. But as they left the warm cubicle, Ella was relieved to be away from the accusing mirrors and her denial.

When they reached home, Ella had forgotten the reality of the changing room. She was happy to be spending time at home with her lover, and all was comfortable again. As she fell asleep, she reminded herself that she was so lucky to have a loving partner.

Dee had to catch up with her home chores after leaving Ella's apartment. She spent most of her time there but still kept her half of an apartment 20 minutes drive away.

Dee worked as part of a team in a warehouse inventory company within the industrial estate. Pushing 30 years old, she would be promoted soon to Operations Manager. For the most part, she was happy with her status in life - good job, sweet girlfriend, nice colleagues and the same old friends. She didn't ask for much, companionship was easy and undemanding, and work was mildly challenging.

She was looking forward to the future.

Continued in part 3

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