Further Non-Adventures of an Ordinary Couple
(Part 4 of the Ordinary series)

by EvelynC © January 2005

Thanks to Nancy for being patient.

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Ella and Dee were talking on the phone. They were both busy with end of year deadlines, and time together was scarce.

"You know, first thing next year we are taking a holiday." Ella pouted.

"Definitely." Dee promised.

Switching the phone to her other ear so that she could rifle through a file, Ella asked, "So, how's the work going? Any complaints so far?"

"Uh, …no. You know the client rep has been over quite often, and she's keeping close tabs on me." Dee's eye twitched.

Ella nodded, "Well, this is a big move for them."

"Yeah." Dee stood up, she could see Lilian walking towards her office, "I gotta go, babe. Client's here."

"Okay. Love you. Bye." They both hung up.

Dee was at the door before Lilian could knock. She held it open as the other woman walked in.

"I didn't expect to see you till later," Dee smiled.

Lilian stepped into Dee's embrace. They kissed slowly but thoroughly. "Mmmm, I couldn't wait till later." Lillian's fingers played with Dee's collar and tickled her neck. The strong arms held her tight and she loved the feeling of her whole front meeting a hard body. Her back arched when Dee kissed her until she was bent back, pliant like a willow. The move created a little space between them but it was soon filled by Dee's hand as she lightly squeezed Lilian's left breast.

"I only left you a few hours ago." Dee continued fondling the smaller woman as she rained tiny kisses over her neck and shoulders. She imagined she could still smell their combined arousal and the musky scent of hot passion that had filled the bedroom this morning.

Lilian guided the larger hand down her body, under the hem of her dress and pressed Dee's fingers into her exposed slit. "Ah, yesssss." She was wet. Dee's fingers slid knowingly between her lower lips and started touching the right spot. "I felt… you still had unfinished business." Lilian's hips jerked at the contact on her engorged clitoris.

"My my, so I do." Dee murmured into Lilian's open panting mouth.

Dee locked the door behind her and dropped the blinds. It was still early but the other workers might arrive unexpectedly. Pushing up Lilian's skirt, Dee lifted her up and sat her on the desk. She positioned herself between the other woman's legs, forcing them apart. Her fingers went back to exploring the warm, wet cavern now slippery with cum juice. Her forearm propelled her thick fingers as they sawed lightly into Lilian's vagina.

Lilian was gasping and grabbing her breasts. The activities they indulged in all night and early this morning still had her on edge, and she needed Dee to bring her release. The butch could be tender or rough but also cocky and skilful.

Dee knelt swiftly, taking a second to appreciate the panty-less state her lover arrived in, before going down on her. The small office was the only witness to the coupling.

Continued in part 5

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