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Nervously, Catherine circled Matthew and the fallen Sara, waving her arms around wildly. ”I knew it! I knew it the whole time!” the red-haired woman exclaimed. She glanced at Alexander, who gave Sara some water to drink after the young photographer had regained consciousness. ”All of you should have listened to me,” Catherine continued to rave. ”My instincts are never wrong! Never!” She threw a quick scowl at her husband.

Victoria chose that moment to come out of her state of paralysis. To the dismay of every person that was present, she began to laugh hysterically.

Taylor, who was still sitting in her chair, stared at this scene, which seemed so unreal.

While Vicky continued laughing, quiet sobbing noises were being heard from Sara. Those slowly turned into a crying fit.

Glaring darkly, Jonathan went over to his daughter and slapped her harshly across the cheek.

The model's wild laughter stopped immediately. Tears began to gather in her deer-brown eyes.

Indifferently, he turned away, his hands forming to fists that he hid in his pants' pockets. For quite a few days he had been tense. This situation was just too much for him to deal with at the moment.

Looking at her father in disbelief, Vicky touched her glowing cheek and her lower lip started to tremble. ”Mooooooooommmmmmmmyyyyyyy…” she wailed and sniffled.

Shocked, Catherine hurried to her daughter. She led her to one of the many empty chairs. ”Take a seat, my dear. Calm down,” she told her quietly. ”I will talk with your father later… how dare he slap my little baby…”

Taylor's mind was in an uproar from the whole mess that was unfolding before her eyes. She ran outside.




In front of the chapel, the girl came upon Christopher and Karen, who were so involved in a heavy conversation that they didn't notice Taylor's presence.

Karen's voice was shaking with anger. ”Stop trying to talk your way out of it, Christopher Stuart! Are you completely crazy? Do you even have any idea how much you've hurt me, not to mention Sara?” She shook her head, sadly. ”I really am so disappointed in you.”

”Y-yes… b-but…” Chris managed to stutter before she cut him off with a quick hand motion.

”I understood what you just told me… because of money… that's not making the situation any better. You just can't play with the emotions of people as you see fit!” Her voice became a bit softer as she said, ”Could I have really been so wrong about you?”

He just looked at her.

”I guess I was,” Karen answered her own question. ”Goodbye, Christopher Stuart.” These were her last words before she climbed into her car and drove off.

With an expressionless face, Chris was left behind. Slowly he turned around, his eyes meeting the sad ones of his little sister.

Taylor couldn't understand what her brother had done and that Karen wanted to go away forever.

Guilty, the artist looked at the teenager, unable to speak one word to his sister.

The heavy silence between them was interrupted as Vicky came racing out of the chapel, only to throw her arms around Chris. She had covered his face and neck with kisses before he was able to defend himself from her unwanted advances. Victoria was very happy. She already had forgotten everything about the stinging slap her cheek had received not that long ago. ”Oh Chris, ” she gushed. ”I knew that eventually you would realize that you love only me!”

He shoved her roughly away from him. ”What?”

Victoria though wasn't about to give up. She reached for his hand once more. ”Come on, Chris. The priest is still inside, we can get married right away.”

”HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND, VICTORIA?” He yelled at her, completely outraged. ”What makes you think that I would ever want to marry you?”

Vicky was taken aback by his harsh words. ”But… but…”

”I wanted to marry Sara today, that's true, but she would have never been happy with me because I only love Karen. I finally realized it when we were standing in front of the altar and I looked at Karen. I want only her.”

Victoria's jaw was about to hit the ground. ”KAREN? Karen Miller? You mean the simple secretary of your sister? I'm beginning to get the impression that you don't deserve my endless love.”

Christopher was tired of all this. ”I guess you are right.”

”You don't even know what you are missing out on, my love,” she sneered.

Taylor couldn't take it anymore. ”Is that all you can think about?” the girl snapped at the model.

Vicky looked at her. ”You don't know anything, since you are still so wet behind the ears.”

Taylor was just about to explode as the chapel doors opened again.

Catherine came out and waved impatiently at the driver of the family's limousine. Then she looked at the artist. If looks would be able to kill, Chris would have fallen dead right that instant. She ordered Vicky to call herself a cab since Sara and Matthew would now drive in the limousine.

Grumbling a bit, but obeying her mother's wish, the blonde pulled out her cell phone.

Deathly pale and supported by Alexander and Matthew, Sara came out of the small church.

With a pained expression on his features, Christopher hurried towards the group to at least apologize to Sara. ”Sara, I…” he began.

She turned her face away. ”I hate you.” These three words were said in a very cold tone and nearly inaudible, but he could hear her clearly.

”No, please, let me try and explain…”

Roughly, Alex pushed him to the side and away from the group while Matthew, Jonathan and Sara got into the limousine, followed by Catherine.

Meanwhile, Alexander had Chris backed against the wall. ”How could you do that to her, you fucking bastard?” he asked furiously, his face red from anger. ”I'm going to beat the shit out of you!” He was just about to punch him in the stomach when Catherine stuck her head out of the car's window and ordered her son, ”Get into the limousine, Alexander! Right now!”

Alex shoved Chris against the wall and glared at him. ”You better stay away or else I will make your life hell,” he threatened. ”We will see each other again… and next time we will be alone… you were in luck today.” He pushed him roughly one last time and then climbed into the car.




Dejected, Taylor sat down on the stone stairs in front of the chapel's main entrance. She pulled her legs to her chest, wrapped her arms around them and placed her forehead against her knees.

Christopher had his hands on his hips and stared desperately to the sky. Finally, he broke the uncomfortable silence between them. ”You must really think that your big brother is one big asshole.”

The girl looked up and shook her head in denial. ”No, no asshole… just a fool.”

He sighed, sat down next to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

”But I guess it runs in the family,” Taylor continued dryly.

Chris looked at her questioningly. ”What do you mean?”

”Well, I made a fool of myself too. Just what was I thinking... taking Victoria Parker as my best friend?”

He tried to console his little sister as best as he could. ”We both lived with a lie. The only difference is that you were not at fault.”

Now it was Taylor's turn to sigh. ”That's not making it any easier, you know?”

Christopher hugged her tight and ran a hand through her hair. ”I know, little one, I know. Come on, let's go home.”




Matthew walked down the stairs and joined Jonathan, Catherine and Alexander in the living room.

”Did you give Sara one of my sleeping pills?” Catherine asked, concerned.

”Yes, I placed it on the nightstand next to a glass of water. I guess she will take it later.”

”How is she doing?” Jonathan wanted to know.

Matthew sighed. ”She is just laying there and still not talking, only staring off into space,” he explained and then turned to Alex. ”By the way, thank you for providing your room to Sara.”

Alex cleared his throat. ”Think nothing of it. That was the least I could have done to help her.”

Catherine walked to Matthew. ”What are you going to do now? I told you that I had a bad feeling about this, but you wouldn't listen.”

Matthew just shrugged his shoulders. His mind was whirling and at the moment he didn't know anything at all.

”You have to make Christopher Stuart pay,” Catherine insisted. ”We have to destroy his very existence!”

He just shook his head. ”Right this second, I can't think of anything else but my little girl.”

”That's exactly what I mean,” she continued. ”You've seen with your own eyes what this bastard did. You will retaliate on him, won't you?”

Alexander interrupted her. ”Mom, please. I would be more than happy to carry out any plans of revenge that you may have.”

Catherine glared at him. ”You, my dear son, will keep out of such things. Is that understood?” She was just about to continue giving Matthew a piece of her mind, when Victoria stumbled tipsy into the room.

”Hello guys!” she exclaimed happily and most of all loudly. ”Why the long faces?”

”Please be a bit quieter, Victoria,” Catherine said to her daughter, not too happy about the state the model was in. ”Sara is sleeping in Alexander's room and she needs lots of rest to recover from the huge shock she had today.”

Her happy mood had faded as Vicky went to the little bar to fix herself another drink. ”Blah blah blah blah blah… Sara this, Sara that… and who is concerned about me? Nobody. I had a huge shock too…” While pouring herself a whiskey, she muttered quietly, ”Serves her right.”

Her mother scowled at her as she saw that Vicky was about to fill her glass up once more. ”Stop it! I think you had more than is good for you. Go to your room and sleep some.”

Alexander shook his head at his sister and added, ”You really are impossible.”

”Is that so? What does that make you? The perfect son?” the model snapped back, greatly annoyed.

Catherine looked at her husband and ordered ”Get Victoria to bed.”

”I'm old enough. I can go by myself,” the model announced and staggered off alone. As she had reached the second floor, she walked past Alexander's room. She stopped abruptly and turned back. Victoria hesitated and stared at the door, full of hostility. Slowly, her hand reached for the doorknob.




Christopher and Taylor had made it home. Both were completely exhausted but managed a smile when Tasilo came racing down the stairs to greet them. After having cuddled the big dog, Chris went to the living room. He fell onto the couch, grabbed the remote for the TV and began to channel surf.

Taylor retreated to her room. It had been a long time since she had played on the computer. Sleep was out of question at the moment, so she decided it would be good to get her mind on something else. She booted up the computer and as soon as she had started the Internet, a friendly, computer-generated voice sounded, ”You've got mail.”

Taylor rolled her eyes and groaned. ”I bet it's either commercial or junk.” She clicked on the icon and was surprised as she looked at the date. ”Boah, this thingie is months old. Let's see what it is about.” She opened the mail and froze in disbelief. Her eyes widened as she saw her sister's email address. Carefully she read the mail, line for line and then all over again. Tears gathered in her eyes. They finally had proof. Liz was still alive. Taylor drew in a deep breath and then screamed at the top of her lungs, "CHRIS!!!"




With the outmost care, Victoria turned the doorknob. Not making a sound, she slipped into the room. She walked around the bed and stopped at the head of it, regarding Sara, who was sleeping tight. She tiptoed to the nightstand and opened the small drawer, because she knew that Alexander kept a revolver in there. Her hand didn't even shake as she reached for the black, gleaming piece of metal. Grinning madly, she pointed the loaded weapon at Sara's forehead. Looking at her sleeping face, the model whispered, ”There you lay, slumbering peacefully and soooo innocently in my brother's bed… you can't fool me… you will stop to creep your way into the hearts of everyone of MY family to take MY place… you will NOT destroy my whole life…”




As he heard his sister's shout, Chris jumped off the couch and ran upstairs. ”Taylor? What happened?”

The teenager's eyes were shining. ”Liz is alive!”

Disbelieving, Chris stared at the monitor and read the mail for himself, time and time again. ”I can't believe it. I can't believe it,” he repeated, shaking his head softly.

Taylor laughed. ”That was my first reaction too, but it really is true. I have to write Jack an email right away and attach the data from the little program. He needs to get in touch with Peter so that they can analyze all of this and get the coordinates of Liz' whereabouts.”

Christopher nodded. ”When you write Jack, tell him also that WE are very grateful.”

Taylor looked at her brother in surprise, but said she would be glad to do that. While she typed the email, she asked herself, ”Just why the hell didn't I go on the computer sooner? I'm so stupid."

He placed a hand on her shoulder and squeezed gently. ”It was my fault. I forced you to not spend so much time on it anymore.”

”Well, everything is going to be alright now and we become a real family again."

Chris nodded absent-minded. He was very happy that Liz was still alive, but his thoughts were still circling around Karen and the possibility that he had lost her now forever.




Victoria was still staring at Sara and continued her quiet raving. "You are not destroying my life anymore." She released the safety catch on the weapon.

In the exact same moment, Sara opened her eyes and looked directly down the barrel of the revolver.

The model jerked in surprise, retreated a step and the weapon slipped from her hands.

Sara took in the dangerous situation and jumped out of bed.

At the same time, Vicky had recovered too and she picked up the revolver again.

"Give me that, Victoria, before you are really going to seriously hurt someone with it," Sara demanded, making her voice all calm to not set the blonde off.

Vicky stared at the gleaming weapon in her hands and then spat furiously, "That's exactly what I wanna do."


"You have to be destroyed!"

Sara frowned. "You have everything you wanted."

The model sneered. "Pah. Christopher is no longer of value!"

The photographer attempted to take one step towards her, but Vicky pointed the revolver at her and screamed, "Stop right there, or I pull the trigger!"

Sara opened her arms wide. "Then shoot me, Vicky! My life has become meaningless anyway."

Victoria was surprised about that and she looked at her in disbelief. "What?"

With a firm expression on her face, Sara repeated, "SHOOT!"

The model circled her without taking down the weapon. "This is some kind of trick, isn't it?"

At lightning speed, Sara grabbed Vicky's wrist and both of them ended up on the floor, in a wild wrestling match about the revolver.




Chris was sitting on the bed of his room, sorting out some things that were still there but belonged to Sara. A bit dejected, he looked through the open door and a laugh escaped him when he saw his little sister prancing excitedly along the corridor.

Taylor entered his room, climbed up on the bed and started to jump up and down on the mattress.

"Hey, hey, hey, don't get so carried away, little one," he said, but smiled.

"Why not? Everything is just great. Liz is alive and we will find her. You are in love with Karen after all and the wedding didn't take place. I knew it and everything is just awesome... well, and I do believe Karen will be back, don't worry. She just needs some time."

Chris wasn't so sure about that, but he didn't want to say something to make Taylor sad. "Whatever you say. I have to go out for a bit."

The teenager stopped jumping and looked at him questioningly. "Where do you want to go so late?"

"To the yacht. To bring Sara some of her things, which she left here. I want to get some stuff of mine from there as well."

"Can you not do that tomorrow, Chris?"

He sighed. "Yes, I know it's nearly 11:00 pm, but I want to get it over with. I also still have to cancel with the crew and the guy responsible for the fireworks, since there will be no happy couple sailing off on a honeymoon cruise."

"Okay then. If you have to go then you have to go," the girl replied.




Matthew sat in one of the comfortable armchairs, rubbed his eyes tiredly and yawned. "It's late and it certainly is of no use to continue discussing. I have arranged for a quick and uncomplicated leave. Our private jet will come tomorrow to pick us up. All I want for my little one is that she gets some distance from this place, which has caused her such pain. Once she is back at the ranch with me, Sara will feel better soon."

Alexander rose and said," Before I go to the guest house for the night, I will see if Sara needs anything."

Catherine was just about to say something to that, as an ear-shattering bang sounded out, followed by loud screaming.

"That was a shot!" Alex exclaimed.

Fearing the worst, everybody raced upstairs to see what had happened.




With a sick feeling to his stomach, Chris slowly entered the yacht. A moment ago, he had canceled the honeymoon cruise with the crew. "Oh man, look at that," he mumbled, feeling even worse. "All the wedding presents... It's better if I don't have a look at the interiors of the packages. Why is it that just now I'm beginning to understand that it made no sense at all? This relationship was doomed from the very beginning. It should have never happened." A picture of him and Sara in his arms caught his eye. "I'm so sorry Sara. I have not been fair to you, but I never meant to hurt you."




Matthew and Alexander ripped the door open and squeezed through at the same time. They were horrified by the scene that unfolded in front of their shocked eyes. Lamps and chairs had been turned over, the curtains had been torn down and tiny splashes of blood were on the white cover of the bed.

Screaming, Victoria was rolling around on the expensive Persian carpet, holding her bleeding, right cheek. At first there was no trace of Sara.

"Sara, sweetheart, where are you?" Matthew called out, frightened.

The answer came in a thin, lost voice. "Daddy?" Sara was half sitting and half kneeling, pressing herself against the bed, holding on tightly to a blood-sprayed pillow. The still smoking weapon lay in the middle of the room, between the young women.

Matthew crawled to his daughter, pulled her into his arms and started to rock her. Sara didn't speak a word. She just clung tightly to her father. "Shhh, sweetheart... everything is going to be okay. I've changed my mind and we will fly away from here tonight."

Alexander stared at his weapon that lay on the floor while Catherine and Jonathan went past him to get to Victoria. As she saw the bleeding wound on her daughter's cheek, Catherine ordered Jonathan to call an ambulance.




Lost in thought, Christopher was looking at the dark waters of the harbor. He was surprised as Taylor and Tasilo suddenly came up.

His sister grinned at him. "Before you ask... it's close to midnight and at home I feel as if the walls are closing in on me. At least here, I thought I could help you some."

Chris smiled and went ahead, getting the last of his things.

Taylor had a look at some pictures. She found some that showed Sara and her brother together with Gwen Stefani in their gardens. Somehow it all made her sad. The sadness got worse as she saw photos of herself during another training session on the ice. A small smile appeared on her features upon finding some of herself and Sara, goofing around in front of the big Hollywood letters. She was brought out of her memories by Tasilo. The dog was barking and pacing restlessly. The girl walked to him. "Hey, my sweet, calm down."

Tasilo continued barking at the yacht, padding down the wooden footbridge.

"Hey Chris?"

"What, little one?"

"I will walk with Tasilo a little bit around the harbor, trying to settle him some, okay?"

"Yes, that will be fine. see you later."

Taylor attached the leash to Tasilo's collar. "Come on, boy, let's go for a walk."

They had just been walking for a minute, when the big German shepherd started pulling at the leash like crazy, wanting desperately to get back to the yacht. It took nearly all of the girl's strength to keep him from dragging her after him. Once more, he barked up a storm.

"Tasilo, just what is wrong with you?"

They were a few steps away from the wooden footbridge, which would lead them back to the yacht, as a major explosion threw them to the ground. Slightly dazed, Taylor came to her knees. Her eyes wide with shock and horror, she yelled, "CHRIS!!!"

But there was no answer. The yacht was one big fireball and the smoke coming from the fire was slowly drifting around her.

Tasilo started to howl and the girl just stared at the inferno in front of her, tears gathering in her eyes.




Shaking and wrapped up in a blanket, Taylor was sitting in the backseat of a police car, a cup with hot tea in one hand. Her other hand rested on Tasilo's head that lay on her leg. She could hear the screeching tires of arriving cars, sirens and a lot of different voices that blended all together. The girl looked up as a police officer came to her. "Did you find my brother?"

The woman shook her head. "I really am sorry. Until now, the divers were unable to find anything. The more time goes by, the more the possibilities of finding him alive are shrinking. I'm really very sorry that I have to tell you this."

Taylor bit down on her lower lip to keep from bursting into tears.

"We do the best we can," the police officer promised and patted the girl's shoulder awkwardly.

For Taylor another world broke down. "That can't be. That just can't be..." she whimpered.




At the same time, at the other end of the harbor, where the beach began, a homeless man pulled Christopher out of the water and dragged him onto the sand. Using mouth-to-mouth, he brought him back to the land of the living.

Coughing and spitting water, Chris sat up and wiped his wet hair aside. "What... what happened?" He coughed and spat some more, making a face about the awful taste in his mouth that the water had left behind. The artist blinked and looked up, seeing the face of the one that had rescued him. "Who are you?"

"My name is Norman," the man answered. "I got you out of the water, you nearly drowned. There was a huge explosion at the other end of the harbor!"

Chris remembered.


While he was getting the rest of his things together, he heard a weird, periodical clicking noise. He followed the sound and it led him to a box among the wedding gifts. Carefully, Chris knelt down and opened the lid. Some red, digital numbers were counting down and Chris froze.

15... click... 14... click... 13... click... 12... click...

He rose.

10... click... 9... click... 8... click...

He ran to the bow of the yacht, dived into the water and started to swim for his very life.

3... click... 2... click... 1... click...

The loud bang of the explosion, as the boat burst into flames, was the last thing he remembered.


"Wait right here, Sir," Norman said, bringing Christopher out of his thoughts. "I will call an ambulance."

"But why?" Chris wanted to know. "I'm fine."

"Just to make sure that there is no more water in your lungs."


Norman went on his way to the closest pay phone.

Chris kept sitting there in his wet clothes on the sand, trying to wrap his mind around everything that had happened. "What a day. Good God, when I think about what could have happened... if I would have been on that honeymoon cruise with Sara... we both could have been killed!" His eyes widened as another thought raced through his brain, and he jumped up. "Taylor! Where is my sister?"




With sad eyes, Sam was looking at Liz, who had just told her that her wonderful mother had died many years ago. "I am so sorry," the brunette whispered. "How did it happen?"

Liz took a deep breath. Her voice trembled slightly as she told the jungle woman everything. "There were complications during Taylor's birth. The placenta detached sooner than it should have. To make matters worse, the umbilical cord had wrapped around Taylor's throat. My Mom was about to die from internal bleedings, while my sister nearly suffocated. She also could have gotten severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen. The doctors did what they could, but it wasn't enough. My Mom didn't make it..." Liz chocked on the last words and wiped some tears aside. "That was so many years ago and still it hurts so bad."

Sam took the blonde's hand tenderly into hers. "I know exactly what you are feeling. Emily too died many years ago and still, I miss her horribly..."


The old woman lay on the bed in her hut. She was suffering from a very bad case of pneumonia and knew that it wouldn't be long now.

Sam, at the age of 17, sat on a chair beside the bed and held on tightly to one of the nun's shaking hands. Her face was completely expressionless, because she had been told, time and time again, that a warrior must not show any emotion.

Emily saw right through the mask and knew how much this was hurting Samantha. "Sweetheart, the time has come. Our Lord is calling for me to come to him."

Sam looked at the floor and silence fell, which was only interrupted by Emily's irregular, rattling breaths. After a while, the girl couldn't take it anymore. She looked at the woman, who had raised her and countless tears fell from her blue eyes. "I do not want you to leave me! You promised to be with me always!"

Emily gave her a weak smile. "And I will always be with you." She took her hand out of Sam's grip and placed it over her chest. "I will always be in your heart."

At that, Sam's sadness turned to anger and she leaped off the chair. "What good will that do me? Nothing at all!"

The nun coughed and wheezed. "Samantha... I don't want our last moment... on this earth... to be spent in anger..."

She sat down again quickly. "I'm sorry."

"I know... sweetheart... I will have to leave this world now..."

"I don't want to be all alone again," Sam sobbed.

"One day, my precious, you will find your soulmate... then you won't ever be alone again... until then though... you will have to be strong..." Emily said, interrupted by coughing and wheezing, which got worse with each passing second.

"Emily!" Sam became scared.

"... I love you, Samantha..."

"Please... please... don't die... please..." The tears flowed freely.

Emily used her last strength to hold on to Sam's hand. "I am... not scared... of death... it will be a relief... from all the pain..."

The girl raised her head to the hut's ceiling and began to pray. "Please, God, spare her life... I need her... please, spare her life... I need her!"

"Sweetheart... you have... to let me go..."


"Samantha, please... never forget that I love you... and I am so proud... to have been a part of your life... you are so precious... please, let me go..."



Sam wiped the back of her hand across her eyes. "Then she just closed her eyes and stopped breathing."

Without saying a word Liz pulled Sam into her arms and they kept sitting there, wrapped up in a warm, comforting embrace.




The telephone was ringing in the darkness. With a tortured groan, Karen rolled out of bed and stumbled sleepy-eyed to the living room. "I hope it's not one of those nasty calls where somebody thinks it's funny to breathe and moan heavily into the receiver." She picked up. "Hello?"

At the other end somebody was sniffling, before asking in a small voice, "Karen?"

"Taylor?" Suddenly, she was wide awake. "What's wrong, sweetie?"

"Karen, could you please come and pick me up?"

Now the blonde was really concerned. "What's going on? Where are you?"

"At the hospital," the girl replied. "I... I really am sorry. I shouldn't have called you. It's so late... but... I didn't know who else I could have asked... everybody is gone..."

Karen could hear that the teenager was distraught. "Taylor, little one, please calm down. Tell me where you are."

"Karen, please come and get me... I want to go home."

"I will, just tell me the name of the hospital." After she had the address, Karen told her, "Stay where you are, okay, Taylor? I'll be there as soon as I can." She hung up, jumped into her clothes and raced out of her apartment.




Victoria was stretched out on one of the hospital beds. A doctor was busy, stitching the bleeding wound on her cheek.

Catherine stood by, eyeing the man suspiciously. "You had better do a real good job with that needle. There cannot be a scar left behind. My daughter is the world's top model and I won't allow it that she will have to go through life, looking like Frankenstein's bride!"

Her constant nagging got on the doctor's nerves. He barely resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Mrs. Parker, would you please just let me do my work? Maybe it would be better for you to go for a little walk, or get a coffee and wait outside until I'm done?"

"You would like that, wouldn't you?" Catherine spat, angrily. "I sure won't leave my daughter alone with you." She crossed her arms and glared at him.

After a while, he had finished his work. "Alright, it's done. A nurse will come soon to put a bandage on it. To avoid infection please change that every day. Also, please come back in a week and I will take out the stitches."

"Will it leave a scar behind?" Victoria asked.

"I will be able to tell you that in a week. Good night, Ladies." With that the doctor quickly left the room. He was glad to be gone from the fiery presence of Catherine Parker.

Victoria sat up and looked at her mother. "Mommy? Do you have a mirror?"

"Vicky, darling, I don't think that's a good idea right now. It could cause such a shock...."

"Mommy, please give me the mirror."

"Are you sure?"

The model lost her patience and demanded, "Give me the damn mirror!"

"Alright, my dear. Just, please, don't get upset." Catherine dug into her briefcase and found the small hand mirror. She gave it to her daughter.

"Oh Moooooooooooommmyyyyyyy," she wailed as she saw her face. "I'm totally mutilated. I look like Quasimodo!"

Catherine pulled her into her arms to console her. "My poor, poor darling."

"And all because of Sara!" Vicky exclaimed.

Her mother frowned. "What do you mean, sweetheart? Just what exactly did happen in Alexander's room?"

Vicky sniffled and then said, "I was heading to my room. As I was passing by Alex' room, I could hear crying and sobbing. So, I went inside to see if Sara was okay or if she needed anything. She was sitting on the bed, crying her heart out and was holding Alexander's weapon to her temple."

Catherine's eyes widened. "Oh my God! She wanted to kill herself?"

"I think so. I ran towards her, trying to get the weapon away from her. During the wrestling for it, it must have somehow gone off."

"Oh, Vicky, my dear. I am so proud of you. You were so brave."

The model just snorted in disgust. "Yeah, and what did I gain? Nothing! I'm disfigured! I will never be able to work as a model again. And all because of Sara!"

Catherine shook her head. "Oh no, none of this is Sara's fault. She was desperate. If it is anybody's fault then we have the damn Christopher Stuart to blame! He forced her into that! He will pay for it though. I will destroy his very existence!"

"How?" Victoria wanted to know.

"Oh, I don't have the plan drawn out yet, but I'm sure something will come to me. Don't concern yourself with that, dear."







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